Bravery in Number the Stars

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“That’s all that brave means-not thinking about the dangers. Just thinking about what you have to do.” This phrase is from the book Number the Stars, and it tells the story of life in Copenhagen during the 1940’s. The Nazi’s have invaded Denmark and two families have a different paths due to their religion. Annemarie, a ten year old girl, shows perseverance, bravery and hope when dealing with her friendship with Ellen and the problems that arise when helping Ellen and her family The Rosens escape.

Annemarie helps develop many of the theme’s in Number the Stars. One of the most important themes is bravery. Annemarie shows bravery by is helping the Rosens. The Rosens are Jews that want to escape Denmark and happily get to Sweden. Annemarie helps them by swiftly getting the handkerchief for Uncle Henrik, so he can clean up the evidence about the Rosens going on the boat. Another way that Annemarie show bravery is when Annemarie hides a necklace for Ellen that is known as Star of David.

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Annemarie hides it from the German soldiers so Ellen, a Jewish girl, hiding from the Nazi will not get taken.Another way that Annemarie show’s bravery is by standing up for herself, when the big tall soldiers can to investigate the little brown basket that she was holding.The soldiers also had garddog’s with them, so Annemarie had to be brave around not one dog but two and soldiers. She also had to do it again at the first part of the book.

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Annemarie is very helpful, so that she can get through the worst of time and be happy. That leads us to our second theme. Annemarie helped by swiftly getting the small, black handkerchief for her Uncle Henrik, so he can clean up the evidence about the Rosen’s going on the boat. Annemarie helped by lying to save Ellen’s life when the tall, mean, soldiers came to her apartment. Another way Annemarie helped, is by handing out the clothes inside the coffin, and giving the clothes to people who need it. Then Annemarie joyfully helped by hiding the Rosen’s family, so that they would not get found by the Germans. When Annemarie did that the Rosens got to Sweden safely.

Perseverance is not easy, but Annemarie finds a way to do it. Annemarie has to persevere through a lot of hard things, and does it swiftly. Annemarie perservers by standing up to the German and their dogs and getting through them fastly. Another way that Annemarie preservers is when she had to run through the forest to get her Uncle Henrik a package for him,so that he can clean up the boat. The third way that she persevered is when Annemarie had to run through the forest. When Annemarie ran through the forest she had go through it in the dark, avoid branches, and get there before the German soldier do.

Number the stars,a good book,by Lois Lowry explains how life was in Denmark when the Nazi invaded. Annemarie Johansen, a main character in the story, showed bravery, perseverance, helpfulness in the novel. Annemarie got through the war and helped the Rosens get to Denmark. Annemarie showed so many themes in this book and did a lot to get to where she is. The novel Number the Stars .is a great book to read, and show’s what happened in the war for Denmark and Jews.

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