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Within the world today, weight training is seen as the number one athletic activity and the most popular form of exercise throughout all of modern society. By utilizing weight training, millions everywhere are simply able to get fit, look good, feel better, and keep their bodies as and strong as possible as they grow into old age. This enthusiasm for fitness has developed dynamically and the growth on the sport of bodybuilding has risen to an all time high. Bodybuilders are able to employ certain techniques of weight training, diet, and supplementation to create their own distinctive physique.

Throughout the professional world of bodybuilding, competitions include a panel of judges that score a certain line up of bodybuilders based off factors such as muscle density, symmetry, proportion, and conditioning. As most people would assume how massive one person is compared to another is what’s most important, the posing and posing routine of a bodybuilding routine is the most vitally important aspect of any competition (change thesis).

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After years of hard training, working out for several hours a day, and having immense discipline when it comes to dieting, all of these factors can be wasted very easily if the finished product is not presented with absolute perfection. Competitive bodybuilders need to ensure that their performance, their ability to completely show off the work of their physiques in front of the judges, will represent their best efforts to maximize the advantage. The 1970’s documentary “Pumping Iron” is a direct example that emphasizes the importance of posing as filmmakers followed some of the greatest influences of bodybuilding including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Franco Columbu, Samir Bannout, Ed Corney, etc.

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The directors of this documentary provided the certain views and ideas of each of the bodybuilders to its direct target audience as it focuses on the days before the 1975 Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia contest. It provides a compelling look into the lives of these bodybuilders as well as the famous American icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger. During the filming, an interview with the famous bodybuilder is shown as questions are asked about his training, expectations, feelings, and most notably the posing. Schwarzenegger response to having his posing routine was “ … If I want to increase one muscle a half inch, the rest of the body has to increase. I would never make one muscle increase or decrease, because everything fits together now, and all I have to do is get my posing routine down more perfect, which is almost impossible to do, you know. It’s perfect already.” This is immediately significant as someone who is taking place in the most prestigious bodybuilding competition knows that in order to demonstrate the body efficiently, the posing routine must be just as flawless. The filmmakers include this quote from Schwarzenegger with respect to logos rhetoric that convinces the viewers and fans of bodybuilding that hitting and holding these poses correctly in front of the judges is absolutely essential. Coming from a seven time Mr. Olympia champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s quote shows that you can have perfect symmetry, proportion and mass, but the work is squandered if they cannot display it properly.

When posing in front of these judges during a competition, one must remember that they must remain posing the entire time they are on stage instead of just specific free or mandatory poses. To prepare for a smooth contests, bodybuilders absolutely have to spend hours upon hours of not only training in a gym, but on their posing routine. Another example comes from the documentary of “Pumping Iron” were the audience witnesses a more peculiar look at the sport as the opening scene features Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu with a ballet teacher in a studio. The teacher states in the film that “Now what you want is mobility…you want to pass through a position that will keep showing the body.” When attempting to learn on what’s involved in becoming an successful bodybuilder, it is vital to access this kind of knowledge through those that have experience in the field ie. the ballet instructor teaching the two on posing techniques. She goes on to state that “What you have to realize is that (the audience and the judges) are watching you all the time.” to simply explain that the transitions must be smooth for the judges to accurately see all of the physique in front of them. These champion bodybuilders enlist the help on this teacher because they are still in the process of perfection and become even more superior through the art of posing. Through learning these transition phases between different poses, bodybuilders can now access this valuable skill in creating and practicing any poses. Through this process, poisonous can now be as dramatic and aesthetically pleasing as possibly, like a type of dancing, and manipulate the view of the judges so that they focus is only where the bodybuilder wants them to focus.

Most top bodybuilders have created individual poses that allow them to compete more effectively against their opponents. Milos Sarcev, currently working as a contest and oline coach, is one bodybuilder that has developed a number of aesthetic poses that he designed in order to show off his body to his best advantage onstage. Through Sarcev’s instagram account and several recent posts, he is able to showcase tips and training exercises to bodybuilding fans around the world while showing off older videos of his pro contest posing during the nineties. One post in particular show presents a short clip from the 1999 British Grand Prix competition that included bodybuilding legends such as Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Kevin Levrone, Dexter Jackson, Nasser Sonbaty, and of course Milos Sarcev. These are all the top pro bodybuilders competing on stage at the same time doing the mandatory poses that give the judges a look of the entire shape. (fix sentence). While going against competitors that have far more muscle mass and size, smaller bodybuilders are able to win because of their symmetry, proportion and posing style. This is what is showcased in Sarcev instagram video as he takes advantage of his outstanding aesthetics to create poses that completely present his beautiful muscularity and proportion. When posing in these competitions, there is not much variation in the mandatory poses, but in reality there are simple ways that one can introduce their strong suits of the physique into the routine. Sarcev attempts this as the judges call out the mandatories, but a slight twist on the wrist, widening on the lats, or his strong flexion of the abdominals allows him a winning chance against the massive men on each side of him in the lineup. Although Sarcev may carry a lot of mass as well, he is still able to display a streamlined and cut midsection through perfect execution of the lat spread pose. Taking special care of the posing as Sarcev did will almost knock the audience out of their seats. It is a dangerous tool for drawing the attention to one’s strengths and showing off the weaknesses of the opponents.

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