The Importance Of Nutrition in The Bodybuilding

Nutrition plays an essential role in bodybuilding despite it being very simple. It, therefore, becomes necessary to understand how to build an effective bodybuilding plan. Various people in society take a nutrition plan applied in bodybuilding from different perspectives. The research focused on a nutrition plan for bodybuilding as the genre of interest. An effective nutrition plan is essential for bodybuilding in human beings. Fitness is a topic that may or may not be of importance depending upon who you are asking.

However, with there being a growing problem of obesity, and diabetes there is no question whether nutrition should be at a higher level of importance for everyone. Healthy life and bodybuilding mechanism are issues frequently disturbing the society, making people to regularly visit health centers to seek medical advice through consultations to have a healthy life free from diseases. It, therefore, implies that the genre has a close relationship with the academic discourse community as the whole society is concerned with determining the best ways of living a healthy life.

I chose the genre of nutrition plan due to its necessity to all humankind across the world. The genre, therefore, plays a critical role in delivering the best ways of making the best nutrition plan essential for bodybuilding to the people in the society. The genre is, therefore, relevant to all people in society regardless of age, race, or class, as all people need a healthy life to survive in society.

Before planning a nutritional guide one must determine what body type they have.

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There are three main body types that classify a person’s physique. There are ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs. The ectomorph phenotype is the person who is naturally skinny with narrow bone structure and has a hard time gaining weight. The mesomorph phenotype is one that is naturally built with broad shoulders, who can gain or lose weight relatively easy. The Endomorph phenotype is one that is naturally heavy with wide bone structure, who can gain weight easily. Your phenotype will help you determine how to eat properly in order to reach your bodybuilding goals. Every person begins with a different amount of body fat percentage and muscle size. Being able to accurately balance the macronutrients specific to the changing needs of the person through the training process is essential. Whether you are trying to gain muscle mass, lean up, gain weight or lose fat, it is important to keep track of your calorie intake. Gaining weight requires that you eat more calories than you burn, while losing weight requires just the opposite. A good way to use your calorie deficit to your advantage is by putting your body in a fat-burning sequence. The best way to kick-start that off is to be in a calorie-deficit. A calorie deficit is where you put your body in a state where you are burning more calories than you eat. This is required for losing weight. When you enter this state, your body needs to somehow make up the difference of what you burn and what you eat. If you are eating about 2300 calories a day, and are burning off 2600 then your body needs to get that extra 300 calories from somewhere. Body fat is stored energy that is used here which was created in times of calorie surpluses, which I will explain shortly. When you are in a calorie deficit, your body begins to draw upon that fat storage for energy, which over time, causes weight loss. A calorie surplus is a state in which you are eating more calories than you are burning. Gaining weight requires a calorie surplus. When you enter this state, your body takes the excess energy and uses it to either make you more muscular (if you are working out) or build up body fat and make you fatter.


The results of the research were obtained from both primary and secondary sources of data gathering. The primary data was gathered after interviewing my long-time friend who is a Nutrition specialist, weight loss specialist, and corrective exercise specialist, and owns a very successful gym. Kyle Smith had much to say about the way his gym first started. The name of the gym is Anatomie Fitness, and what one of the key differences with his gym is the nutritional aspect of it. He stated that the gym opened up in 2013. However, the nutrition aspect of it originated since a year out of high school, 2006. It began with helping out a friend lose weight. From that lead to more research on what the best methods would be for different types of people. This being based on the person’s life schedule and goals. That is the fundamental aspect of being successful in fitness. The impact is that people will not only be stronger but will be healthier inside and out. Diet plans specifically designed to their lifestyle and needs are what made Kyle’s gym successful.

The secondary data was from books and articles used to obtain more information about the nutrition plan for bodybuilding as a genre in literature (Johnston 622). The main focus of the study was to determine how the creation of a nutrition plan helps in bodybuilding and living a healthy life. Both quantitative and qualitative type of information was used in the study to build up the content of the study. The targeted population was selected through the application of a stratified sampling method. The method involved the grouping of the community in small groups called strata than a given proportion chosen from each group. There were three main groups which are children, youths, and adults. The research was done in one community where people were divided into three groups. Fifteen people were then selected from each group giving a total of 45 people from the three strata. The 45 people were, therefore, the sampled population used in the experiment.

Each individual was asked the questions privately and assured of the confidentiality of the information which they gave. The individuals were therefore asked whether they have applied the nutrition plan to enable the building of their body. The participants were then asked whether or not nutrition has created a significant difference in their bodies. The questions also entailed the extent to which the plan has been applied by people in society and how it has helped in improving their lives. A comparison was also made on the mortality rate of the communities practicing the nutrition plan and those not practicing the nutrition plan. The study, too, focused on the age group, which has many cases of diseases resulting from a lack of proper nutrition that builds the body.


Nutrition plays a critical role in the growth, recovery, and general fitness of the body without any lean on the mass of the muscles. It is, therefore, essential to understanding that real bodybuilders help people to change their lifestyle and establish a muscle nutrition plan for bodybuilding. Building diets frequently change impacted by an increase in an individual’s muscle mass and the changing difficulty in people’s workouts. Any person inspiring to increase his or her muscle mass and time spent in training the weight need to east more and better meals (Niiyama para.6). It then implies that exercise and proper diet are essential for bodybuilding and healthy life. Understanding and applying the two variables will, therefore, help bodybuilders to establish their nutrition plan.

The first variable used in the interview was whether the participants used the nutrition plan or not. 20% of the children applied nutrition plan; 70 % of the youths used it, while 57% of the adults used the nutrition plan. The next variable was the impact that the nutrition plan has brought to the individuals. 73% of the participants who have implemented a nutrition plan acknowledged that the program has a significant effect on their life. Most of them said that the nutrition plan had enabled them to improve their health and refrain from various diseases. 56% of the individuals who had never participated in the nutrition plan claimed that it had no impact. It then implies that 44% of those who had never practiced the plan acknowledged that the meal plan was effective even if they were incapable of implementing it. 70% of mortality cases obtained in society are from areas where people do not practice the nutrition plan, leaving only 30% in the regions where people practice the same.


The result clearly shows that the majority of those who take a keen interest in the nutrition plan. At least 70% of whole youths in the society implement the nutrition plan. It then implies that the majority of teens understand the importance of a nutrition plan for bodybuilding. Besides, most youths like performing exercise for body fitness (Sparkes, James, and Kay 1314). Youth is the energetic group that carries out tasks that involve more energy; hence, they have to do exercise every time. Most of the children, however, never understand the concept of nutrition plan; thus, they need proper guidance from their parents. Most of the adults and older adults never take the nutrition plan seriously, making it difficult even to make the children physically fit. Most of the people who are obese in society are adults.

Most of the participants, regardless of the age group, acknowledged that a nutrition plan plays a critical role in the life of people. Some, however, claimed that they were unable to implement the required nutrition plan for bodybuilding due to financial crisis and poor standards of living. A total of 73% agreed that the plan has a positive impact on people and helped many people live healthy life. It is also evident from the research that those following the nutrition plan have high chances of living longer compared to those not using the plan. Lack of nutrition plan leads to the emergence of various diseases that are dangerous to human life.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The nutrition plan plays a critical role in bodybuilding in human beings. It is therefore traced from the past when people could use balanced and do several exercises, making to live for more years. People who live in the ancient period had a longer lifespan than people in the current world due to a healthy and good diet and proper exercise. It is, therefore, recommendable for people to make and implement an effective nutrition plan that can help people improve their health status (True Natural Bodybuilding para.1). Governments across the world should, therefore, come in place to plays a critical exercise in a nutrition plan. They should create awareness and give the citizens proper knowledge on how to make and implement the plan. The government should also ensure the improvement of people’s living standards to enable people to access their basic needs and, therefore, implement the best nutrition plan for bodybuilding.

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