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The Importance of Nutrition

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1728 words)
Categories: Balanced Diet And Its Benefits, Food And Nutrition, Importance Of Nutritious Food, Nutrition
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The importance of nutrition to our healthIntroductionIntake and absorption of food into the body is what define nutrition. The diet contains many nutrients that are essential for the maintenance of life and for survival. The primary nutrients contained in food are the micronutrients and the micronutrients. Macronutrients are the carbohydrates that give energy to the body, proteins, and fats. The micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. Both the macronutrients and micronutrients are required by the body at varying amounts.

The nutrients each plays a role that contributes to the overall wellbeing of an individual. Good well being translates to good health in a person where the body has an active immunity. Good health is defined by eating a correct and healthy diet.

A person’s intake of food is influenced by factors including the age, occupation, lifestyle and the locally available foods. Understanding the importance of nutrition on our health is my main focus in this study.

Food is almost what defines our lives and is a routine that influences us. Diet is the root of many complications that people face in modern lives. Therefore, it is essential to explore food so as to encourage healthy living among individuals in society. When a person takes an unbalanced diet, the body runs out of crucial nutrients that builds and maintain the shape and at that point, one is defined to be malnutrition. Health is created by the food that we take. Many people tend to consume high quantities of food that do not add any nutritional value to the body. Food should be consumed in smaller amounts of different varieties that contain varied dietary contents. My experience with food and the unhealthy lifestyle that people live inspires my research on this topic. Lack of information on nutrition has negatively impacted on the general well-being of people and the population at large. It is essential for people to understand that food defines their health in a positive or negative way.

This research will provide detailed information on nutrition and its influence on the general well being of individuals. A healthy diet eliminates the risk of diseases and increases the lifespan of an individual. Eating the right content and quantity defined how the organs in the body will be developed, excess intake of the same type of diet more often leads to accumulation. Lack of other nutrients inhibiting the body’s ability to function in the right way. For example, the intake of high amounts of sugars that are mainly contained in soft drinks and junk food leads to a condition referred to as obesity. Therefore, providing clear baseline information will encourage people to live healthy lifestyles.

Audience and Appeals

The type of diet that an individual takes is defined from childhood. Children tend to eat what is available at home, and therefore, their bodies are developed based on the nutrients provided to the body. The primary audience targeted in this research is the parents since they determine what the family eats. A family that takes a healthy diet has good health and complications are rare while families that feed on unhealthy foods experience conditions such as high blood pressure, malnutrition, and obesity. In addition, teachers and managers of various schools and institutions are also targeted. This is because they influence the type of diet that is provided to children while in school. Teachers tend to play a crucial role in educating children on the importance and types of healthy foods. When children are adults, they will always maintain healthy eating and thus leading to good health and well-being. The current unhealthy feeding habits witnessed among the vast population is due to the lack of knowledge of healthy foods since childhood. A child tends to grow and develop with a pattern from a younger age. Therefore, healthy eating will lead to good health. The consumers of various products are also targeted in this study.

Consumers influence the production of varieties of food. Informing the public on healthy foods and diets will improve their well being and purchasing power. Consumers will only purchase products that are nutritious. The type of products purchased is usually influenced by the level of income. Low-income earners can still maintain a healthy lifestyle by ensuring consumption of the nutritious foods. The results of this research will be published on various websites and journals. This will allow access by a large population such as the government agencies which impose a tax on essential nutritious commodities and manufacturers who decide the content of nutrients that are available in a product. Of essence is access by the general public to understand the impact of diet that they take on their general health and well-being. This will have an influence on various consumers as some will chose to adopt healthy living styles. A community with a healthy population saves on resources and expenses on medical care.


In the past decades, the type of food that people take has changed. In modern lives, people are shifting to unhealthy eating lifestyles; the shift occurs consciously or subconsciously where one takes an unhealthy diet without the knowledge of the possible impact that it can have on his or her health. It is a trend that worries since unhealthy lifestyles are significantly associated with health complications. Studies have shown that 33.8% of the United States population is obese where the majority are children aged between 2-19 years (U. S department of health). Good well being is provided by proper nutrition. The mental state of an individual is maintained by taking nutritious food. It is of great importance to eating food that is of high nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. A total of $ 71 billion that is channeled towards medical costs can be reduced in the U.S if people adopt a healthy living style (U.S department of health). The developed countries are associated with unhealthy eating and living styles. Children tend to feed on a diet that brings harm to the body and are of no nutritional value. Most children feed on junk foods and sugary foods that lead to weight gain and the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Malnutrition affects the body’s immune system.

Hunger is a condition that is highly registered in developing countries with a rate of 30% of the total population (WHO 9). Infants who are five years and below die due to malnutrition conditions including diarrhea, measles, and acute respiratory infections (WHO 10). It is recorded that improving access to Vitamin A nutrients to the vulnerable population in the developing countries will reduce the mortality rate of infants by 23%. Insufficient vitamin A is the cause of blindness among infants. Inadequate ion leads to mental retardation and brain damage in children. The children get undernourished because the parents lack sufficient nutrients in the body. Insufficient nutrients in the body translate to breast milk that is of low value and poor nutritious content, and therefore children do not gain the necessary immunity that is provided by the breastmilk. The provision of strong resistance through a good diet to the child at a tender age ensures that the health and well being of the child is safeguarded. Therefore it is crucial to provide proper nutrition because it eliminates incidences of chronic disease and malnutrition. According to WHO (3), the principal aim of health is to ensure that all people have good health through proper nutrition which eliminates the presence of malnutrition, diseases, and starvation.

The nutritional well being influenced by the environment, food, health, and care. A good environment implies that people can access a variety of foods and diets, clean environment prevents the emergence of diseases that influence the well being of an individual. A degraded environment affects the production of food that is of nutritious value, therefore maintaining and conservation of the situation is essential for the achievement of proper nutrition. Food is the fundamental source of nutrients to the body and the general well being. Good health is attained through the interaction of a clean environment and eating of nutritious food. Cancer is a common condition that is currently the most significant cause of mortality across all ages.

The disease can be prevented and reduced by 35% through proper diet, exercise, and weight balance. Cancer has been linked to food that an individual consumes. WHO has projected an increase in cancer incidence from 10.3 million to 14.7 million in the year 2020. Diet should be accompanied by physical exercises to maintain the body at the optimal weight. The mortality rate of cancer is alarming, and therefore it is essential to keep a proper diet to reduce cancer incidences. Asia and Africa losses an average of 11% on the Gross domestic product because it is channeled to nutritional deficiencies. The improvement of nutritional value among the population curbs the inefficiencies related to nutrition. A well-nourished population implies a healthy community where people are of high productivity leading to the overall development of a country. Food represents the state of health of people living in a particular area.

Schedule Activity Timeline

Challenges and Strategies

The significant constraint to the completion of this project is financed. The collection of data in this project require the use of finance at various stages. Additionally, time is a significant problem because I have to balance between my classes and dedicate considerable time to my project. Finally, nutrition is a sensitive subject. Most people do not like to be approached regarding their dietary intake and is viewed as a personal decision without considering the impact on the people taking the diet. People who are already facing the result of unhealthy food such as obesity issues will not want to disclose any information regarding their diet and will view this as a violation of a person’s privacy. Many people are not willing to change how they take their food. To overcome the above challenges, for finances I will solicit grants and support from friends and family. On-time management I will strictly adhere to the schedule provided above. On the nutrition subject, I will avoid the use of intrusive language.

Works cited

U.S Department of health services. “The importance of nutrition” President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & NutritionRetrieved from https://www.hhs.gov/fitness/eat-healthy/importance-of-good-nutrition/index.html. Accessed on 10TH October 2018.World Health Organization. Diet, nutrition, and the prevention of chronic diseases: report of a joint WHO/FAO expert consultation. Vol. 916. World Health Organization, 2002

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