BMW Essay Topics

Brief History of BMW

BMW began making its mark on history almost 90 years ago. Aircraft engines were the first thing to be produced followed by bikes and then cars – these vehicles also have been setting milestones in the area of motorsport from the very start. We can establish BMW roots back well over 100 years, to December… View Article

Global Strategy and Local Needs in the Luxury Car Market

1 Introduction Since the 1980’s researchers have been trying to understand what globalization is and how competitive advantage can be gained out of it. This study will look at this movement with a critical eye and reflect whether or not it is sometimes better to give local needs priority in management decisions. The purpose of… View Article

Luxury Market

The modern understanding of a brand is consumer and identity oriented. Accordingly, brands are regarded as images in the minds of consumers and other target groups (Esch 2010, p. 22), which are designed by companies to identify their products (Kotler et al. 2009, p. 425). Luxury brands are highly associated with their core products (Kapferer… View Article

Bmw Organizational Structures

Well first what is culture and how do you define it? It can be defined in many ways like what I think it is. Culture to me is the way we as a people are perceived by others. If you take that outlook and put it to a company say like BMW it merges nicely…. View Article

Bmw: Manufacturing Process

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke Group) is a one of the leading luxury carmakers European automobile industry. BMW was founded on March 7th 1916 by Franz Popp and Max Friz. BMW started out by making airplane engines for German army up until the end of WWI in 1918. BMW in this report will look at BMW’s… View Article

BMW business model crunches gears as models expand, profit falls

This article discusses the recent changes in sales, earnings, and profits of BMW, the German based manufacturer of luxury automobiles. The article opens by proposing five market scenarios that may affect the way BMW conducts business and earns revenue. The scenarios include changes in laws, consumer desires, auto financing availability, political climate, and consumer buying… View Article

Types of Sports Cars

Many people have a great fascination for sports cars. These machines have a lot of power and torque, and most importantly are lower to the ground, contributing to proper aerodynamics against the wind. Moreover, they are generally available in either two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Two-wheel drive ones are usually used for road racing or… View Article

Bmw Case Study

1. Describe the segmentation and the targeting strategy used by BMW in marketing the MINI and the Certified Preowned BMW. Market segmentation means different type consumers are looking for different benefits because they have different situation. Therefore, the consumers are divided into different groups. The similar situation people have similar ways of making decision. The… View Article

Advertising Campaign Case Study New BMW Series

1.0 Description of campaign-“DESIGNED FOR DRIVING PLEASURE” BMW is the German manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (as known as Bavarian Motor Works) which is one amongst the luxurious and advanced brand in motor vehicle industry, such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Its product is not only automotive vehicle, also refer to motorcycle and Formula One. However, BMW… View Article

Marketing Mix Of Audi

Audi is a German based car manufacturing company, known around the world as part of the big three luxury car manufacturers. Along with Mercedes and BMW, Audi is the biggest luxury car manufacturing company globally. Audi oversees all its global production from its head quarters in Bavaria, Germany, and has further nine production facilities world-wide… View Article

Strategic Analysis of BMW AG

Strengths Strong Brand Reputation can be considered as the main strengths of BMW. Through many years marketing executive has been grown the brand image, so now BMW is perceived as the third most expensive brand in automotive market and is valued at $29 billion. Trained and highly skilled workforce is the asset in which BMW invests… View Article

Finding a New Advertising Agency

It started with a pair of certified letters to MINI USA’s Woodcliff Lake headquarters in northern New Jersey in the summer of 2005. One of the letters was addressed to Jim McDowell, vice president and managing director of MINI USA, the U.S. division of BMW’s MINI automobile brand. The other letter was to Trudy Hardy,… View Article

Write a review on your dream car

When I was young, I was the critical romantic. I loved anything to do with pink and purple, flowers, love movies, candlelight dinners and two-seater convertible cars. To me, that was the meaning of romantic. As time has gone by, my perspective of what is romantic has changed a lot but, I dont know why,… View Article

Distribution Channel Management

BMW Motorcycles is a division within the BMW Group. As such their mission is tied to that of the parent company. On the BMW Group website it is noted as follows:”Identifying potential and encouraging growth. Knowing what we represent. Recognizing where our strengths lie and making the best use of every opportunity. Following a clear… View Article

BMW’s Product life cycle

Any product has four stages of life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. However, this concept does not quite fit with BMW’s products. Jim McDowell, vice president of marketing at BMW says ” If a product is declining, we would prefer to withdraw it from the market, as opposed to having a strategy for dealing… View Article

Product Offering

BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine, is developed from an independent company. This company was able to focus on turning great ideas into great cars. The company exhibits one of the most recognizable logos in the world, the blue and white BMW insignia which is known as the Roundel. This emblem depicts motion as it portrays… View Article

BMW’S Dream Factory & Culture

1. Describe the culture of BMW. Organizational culture is an idea in the field of Organizational studies. A culture is derived through the individual experiences, attitudes, shared values or common perceptions that are held by each member of an organization. Organizational culture affects such outcomes as productivity, performance, commitment, self confidence, and ethical behavior. Within… View Article

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar and Land Rover are two of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. Every day they’re reaching more customers, and their network of well over 2,000 dealerships continues to expand around the world. As their global marketplace extends further, they need to provide more customers than ever before with an unrivalled experience. Their fast paced… View Article

BMW. Dream It. Build It. Drive It.

One of the main problems for Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is whether to expand business operations r in Europe. This was based off a 450% increase in sales from 2011 to 2012 and an improved model car, the BMW X3. There is also a planned expansion introducing 14 new models. What would be recommended is… View Article

Tesla Motors.

Should Tesla move start to produce gasoline- or hybrid powered vehicles? Tesla Motors, unlike most other automobile companies, started with creating the most top notch, innovative, electric cars in the market. With their products like the Roadster and Model S, their capability in being the number one automobile in the EV market is pronounced. Tesla… View Article

Understanding Buyer Behaviour

Buyer behaviour is a very important factor to understand when it comes to marketing. A vital point of the marketing process is to understand why a consumer/buyer makes a certain purchase. By understanding buyer behaviour it will make it significantly easier for the business to meet the needs and wants of consumers. In addition to… View Article

Harvard Case : BMW of North America: Dream it. Build it. Drive it.

Brief Description: Set in 2011, this case describes how BMW, the leading luxury car manufacturer in the U.S., successfully implemented a new marketing initiative based on its online video services and increased sales of customized vehicles. The case addresses the challenges of catering to the North American consumer, where most car buyers want or have… View Article

Why BMW Group has been successful?

BMW Group is a famous auto company all over world, stands for “Bayerische Motoren Werhe AG” in English ”Bavarian Motor Works” who is also the leader in a luxury car manufacturer and seller in the world. BMW Group was founded in 1916 and headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It consists of an initial aircraft engine… View Article

BMW vs Mercedes

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG Bayerische Motoren Werke AG ( English: Bavarian Motor Works), commonly known asBMW or BMW AG, is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. BMW is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It also owns and produces Mini cars, and is the parent company ofRolls-Royce Motor Cars. BMW produces… View Article