Back in History, Mahatma Gandhi

We are all born with the potential of greatness, we can build lives of greatness, and we can achieve greatness. However, greatness cannot be achieved easily. Back in history, Mahatma Gandhi is well known as a great person. He gained respect from people through many different characteristics. However, to achieve all of his greatness, he had to overcome many hardships during his life. The most important three traits for his greatness are kindness, braveness, and a role model. In my opinion, greatness is not what we say that we could do, but we have to accomplish a task.

First of all, one of the most important traits Mahatma Gandhi displayed was kindness.

At the time India was still under British colony, the British colonial mistreated many Indians. Gandhi grew up very religiously. He believed in doing no harm to humankind or animal. He was a strong believer in truth, peace, and non-violence. He did witness the British treated his people unequal.

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He finally started non-violent independence movement. He thinks all Indians should be united to protest against British ruler. He worked day and night for the freedom of his country and his community. Many protesters often used violence when they protest. For example, they would use firearm, machete, bomb, rifle, or anything destructive. On the other hand, Gandhi was the opposite. With his kindness, he used a peaceful way to protest. He used no weapons, just the sword of non-violence and the shield of truth. He gained numerous supports from people who have followed him to fight for their freedom.

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He faced multiple difficulties during the protest, but he continued leading as a great leadership. He never concerned for his own live. The second important trait was his braveness. Meanwhile, the Indian government worked for the British. Gandhi was very brave; he urged the Indian government to stop working for the British ruler. In the process of his non-violence protest for freedom, the government arrested him many times, and imprisoned numerous protesters, but he never gave up the idea of freedom. The British mistreated him while he was in prison. Gandhi was starved and beaten, but his braveness remained. He showed no fear toward the British.

He scarified most of his time in his life to gain freedom for his people and his country. Gandhi played a big role for many later generations. The last important trait was a role model. Gandhi always followed a path of peace and non-violent personality. He inspired people all over the world through his works, and he became a legacy of greatness in people’s heart. During the Civil Rights in the United States in the 1953 through 1965, an African-American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. also followed Gandhi’s concepts of non-violence. Then he started the civil rights protest to gain justice for the African-American. Martin Luther King also believed in non-violence, truth, and equal rights. He made a powerful speech, “I have a Dream”.

His speech was so powerful that he got so many people involved in the protest to get their equal rights. He wanted all human races to have the same rights. King and his followers fought without weapons. He stood up for equal rights for black people. He played a major role during the civil rights movement. He was a great example of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent philosophy. Throughout history, people have the power for greatness, and to archive them we have to complete a mission. Gandhi showed different characteristics of his greatness during his life. Martin Luther King also followed Gandhi’s concept, and showed us his trait of greatness. Their characteristics inspire us through their works and efforts.

Updated: Dec 08, 2021
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