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Accounting Essay Examples

Essay on Accounting

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Accounting Martinez Corporation

The Martinez Company should be employ the capital intensive manufacturing method if the units produced are identical in nature capital. They can also use the capital intensive manufacturing method if they want to be more accurate of production and a reduction in errors. This method can also reduce the average cost per unit by increasing the level of output or products sold. If the Marinez Company ...

Accounting Regulation Essay

Regulation is sometimes deemed unnecessary using the free market perspective. This perspective considers that “accounting information should be treated like other goods, and demand and supply forces being allowed to operate to generate an optimal supply of information about an entity. “ Jensen and Meckling, Watts and Zimmerman, Smith and Watts are supporters of this perspective. This perspecti...

Cost Accounting

For example, if a company estimated a total factory overhead cost of $50,000 for the year and the activity base as 10,000 direct labor hours, a predetermined factory overhead rate of $5 per direct labor hour is computed using the estimated amounts at the beginning of the period. Predetermined factory overhead rated are computed because managers need information about the product cost of each job i...

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E-Marketplace, E-Mall and E-Tailing

The pace of improvements in cPDm-related technologies continues to accelerate, and companies use these tools to implement process change faster than ever. Whereas not long ago, companies were talking about three- and five-year plans for implementing data management systems; they now are asking what results to expect in six months or less. This represents a significant step forward in industry and...

Uniform accounting standards produce

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that in an increasingly more globalized world, a cross-border accounting system will immensely benefit firms and investors. This system will lead to investment comparisons between various countries, making investors better off. In fact, Marc Fogarty, a Certified Public Accountant says that the single set of standards will cut down the costs to which foreign companies...

FASB Accounting Standards Codification

This section deals with certain general background considerations and information related to the FASC and the answers can be found by clicking the “About the Codification” and “Notice to Constituents” sections on the FASC Welcome Page. This section is a good general source of information about the FASC and should be reviewed prior to starting to answer the specific questions set forth in a...

Role of Managerial Accounting

The value chain is a set of activities that work together to create value for an organization. With a manufacturer, for instance, activities that range in scope from securing raw materials, to production, to delivery of products will culminate in goods that boost a firm's bottom-line profitability. Activities in a value chain for an airline would include reservations and ticketing, maintenance, ba...

Causes of Accounting Scandals

Thus, there are several factors that can be responsible for the accounting scandals that have occurred in the past and will keep occurring in the accounting world. In addition to these factors, there are also certain individual factors such as lack of professionalism, lack of knowledge, financial benefit or gain that can lead to scandals. And hence it is a mandate for every company to develop ways...

The American Accounting Association: Seven-Step Ethical Decision Model

Application of the American Accounting Association model John Smith, the chief financial officer (CFO) of Dropout Fones Pty Ltd, has discovered a significant misstatement that overstated assets in this year’s financial statements. The misleading financial statements are contained in the company’s annual report which is about to be issued to banks and other creditors. After much thought about ...

Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting Notes

A constraint is anything that prevents you from getting more of what you want. TOC based on observation that effectively managing the constraint is the key to success. The constraint in a system is determined by the step that has the smallest capacity. Only actions that strengthen the weakest link in the “chain” improves the process. Steps: Identify weakest link. – Allow weakest link to set ...

Managerial Accounting

A: organizations are managed by people that have their own personal interests, insecurities, belief, and data supported conclusions that ensure unanimous support for give course of action is the exception rather than the rule. Managers must possess strong leadership skills if the wish to channel their co-wokers’ efforts towards achieving organizational goals. 15)Why ethics important to business?...

Accounting Information Systems Research Paper

information systems of public companies. Issues in Information Systems, 7(2), 24-28. Retrieved from http://iacis.org/iis/2006/Holmes_Neubecker.pdf Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®. (1973, 1978, 1984, 2011). Retrieved from http://www.biblica.com Kepczyk, R. (2012). Raising your IT governance awareness. The Practicing CPA (Online), 40(8), 4-5. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/...

Accrual Basis over Cash Basis Accounting

A company must decide what accounting process is more beneficial prior to recording any transactions as this affects the way they record the information. The accrual basis method records the revenue and expenses when they occur, and the cash basis method records revenue only when cash is received and expenses only when paid. The cash reporting method tends to misrepresent an organization’s fina...

Unethical Practices and Behavior in Accounting

The situations that led to unethical practices and behavior could have been prevented if the company had the proper internal controls in place. The company did not create and foster a control environment. The management of the company did not establish a culture in which unethical behavior will not be tolerated, and they did not place a high value on integrity. This is illustrated by the fact ther...

Financial Accounting Theory & the Reporting Environment

Criticisms of neutrality or freedom from bias take two forms. First, some argue it is a state of mind that is not attainable, because all of us are affected by personal values that have been shaped by our particular beliefs, traditions, environment, background and personality. Granted that this is true, it is still meaningful to speak of neutrality or freedom from bias. We recognise the existence ...

Accounting Personal Statement

Selecting to be Moss Adams Scholar would definitely help me achieve my goal. No need to say, Moss Adams is one of the most successful accounting firms in the United States. It is the 11th largest accounting and consulting firm in the United States, and the largest headquartered in the West. The variety of services Moss Adams offers in assurance, tax, and consultation services would absolutely help...

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Cleverly, W. O., Cleverly, J. O., & Song, P. H. (2011) Essentials of health care finance (7th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Omar, O. (2010). Why Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Should Inform U.C.C. Article 9 Decisions. Texas Journal Of Law Review, 89(1), 207-226. Saunders, G. (1993) Accounting principles (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Scrimnger, C. C., & M...

Strategic Management Accounting

[1] This case study is based on the Capstone Case Study on Organisational Architecture, from Brickley, Smith and Zimmerman (2009:553), as well as public news accounts, company documents and press releases. Among the most important sources are Ken Brown and Ianthe Jeanne Dugan, "Sad Account: Andersen's Fall from Grace Is a Tale of Greed and Miscures," Wall Street Journal, June 7, 2002; and a series...

Ict Impact on Accounting

Accounting Horizons 15 (4): 359372, Hayes, D,, J. Hunton, and J. Reck. 2001. The impact of ERP announcements on stock prices. Joumal of Information Systems 15 (1) (Spring): 3-18. Hunton, J., S. Wright, and A, Wright. 2002. Unique internal control issues in ERP environments. Working paper. University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. Porter, M. E., and V, E, Millar. 1985. How information gives you a com...

Concept, nature and limitation of financial accounting

Financial accounting is concerned with the preparation of final accounts. The business has become so complex that mere final accounts are not sufficient in meeting financial needs. Financial accounting is like a post-mortem report. At the most it can reveal what has happened so far, but it cannot exercise any control over the past happenings. The limitations of financial accounting are as follows:...

Accounting for leases

Burton, D. (2013, May 22). Lease-Accounting Rules: Tinker, Don't Trash [News Article]. Retrieved August 24, 2013, from LexisNexis Academic database. Cotton, B., McCarthy, M.G., & Schneider, D.K. (2012). A METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK FOR EXAMINING INFORMATION CONTENT OF PROPOSED LEASE ACCOUNTING RULE. Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research, Fall 2012, Vol. 8 Issue 1, 113-127. Dhaliwal, D., Lee...

Accounting Theory and Practice

Accepted assumptions about market efficiency mean that it is the information content of disclosure, and not the form of the disclosure, that is valued by the market. Therefore it should not matter whether information is disclosed within the notes to the financial statements, or in the financial statements themselves. If this is true, then why would managers care if something – such as a lease l...

CASE: Accounting for the iPhone at Apple Inc.

The Net Income thus computed showed a final figure which was ~115% ($2.4 B over $1.1 B) mark up on the Net Income as per subscription accounting. This is too high a margin to ignore for any company. Therefore, with increasing complexity of voluminous sales in the cell phone space, not recognizing revenues (and hence performance) immediately, placed the company in a disadvantaged position in compar...

Cost Accounting

I need to know whether or not I would be able to make profits from selling the quiche and lamb if the costs of making them are higher or lower than the potential income from selling them. If I can afford to buy the ingredients, it would not matter at all if I do not have a chef that is skilled in making the quiche or lamb. Selling subpar quiche or lamb would not benefit my business. Also, the reas...

Managerial Accounting Quiz 1

2. Elton Company uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. The company adds materials at the beginning of the process in Department M. Conversion costs were 75% complete with respect to the 4,000 units in work in process at May 1 and 50% complete with respect to the 6,000 units in work in process at May 31. During May, 12,000 units were completed and transferred to the next d...

Advanced Accounting by Guerrero


Overview of accounting analysis

Level 3 is the least reliable level because it requires a good deal of judgment and is based on the best information available (such as a company’s own data or assumptions) to arrive at a relevant and reliable fair value measurement. Financial statement users can trust prices in liquid markets as long as observable inputs such as level 1 and 2 reflect quoted prices for identical assets or liabil...

Accounting Standards Boards

This paper has discussed the history of the FASB and IASB boards and their relationship and has looked at IASB equivalents to FASB original pronouncements. It has shown that standardized management accounting and controlling concepts that transcend national boundaries are increasingly needed with concern on the need of an internationalized Accounting and financial reporting standard to help in com...

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting information is commonly used in financial accounting information, but its primary function is for use by managers to facilitate making decisions. Unlike the accounting systems that help in the preparation of financial reports periodically, the cost accounting systems and reports are not subject to rules and standards like the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. As a result, ...

Accounting fraud

Nakano, Chiaki. Asian Business & Management, suppl. Special Issue: Japanese Business & Society in a Global Age6.2 (Jun 2007): 163-178. The Significance and limitations of Corporate Governance from the perspective of Business Ethics: Towards the Creation of an Ethical Organizational Culture, Retrieved from Proquest Database, viewed on 10 May, 14. Vitell, S. J., et al, (1993), ‘Marketing N...

Accounting Harnischfeger Corporation Case

The restructure of the pension plan reducing the expenses by $4.0MM I believe the net income could have been roughly around: $17.3MM Net Loss Answer number 3: the reasons I think why management made this changes within the company are: Some of the executive board members hold some shares of the corporation. Evidently, a better net income would have booted the price of share. There was a 40% compen...

Regulatory Bodies with Roles in Accounting

Their duty is to establish and enhance monetary accounting, the administration and financial resources of the financial accounting of its standard-setting board, the monetary accounting requirements advisory council, the governmental accounting standards board or much better known as GASB and their advisory council. Standards of non-government monetary accounting and reporting like not-for-profit ...

Summary of The Accounting Standards Setting Process in the U.S.: Examination of the SEC-FASB Relationship

It may appear to some that the SEC has little involvement in the standards set by the FASB however this is not the case. The extensive research that was completed and compiled shows how the SEC plays an active role in the Standard setting process. The SEC has power over the FASB’s budget and potential members, and has the ability to put pressure to address specific issues and respond the way the...

Nature and scope of accounting

The Full-Disclosure Concept: Although the financial statements are concerned with the last accounting period, it should also take into consideration any future events that may have an impact on the firm’s financial position. Thus a disclosure should be made for eventualities such as a pending lawsuit, on-going negotiations for sales, disposal, acquisition or take-over, or changes in the accounti...

Final Paper Cost Accounting

D2: A variety of depreciation methods are used to allocate the cost of an asset to all of the accounting periods benefited by the use of the asset. Your client has just purchased a piece of equipment for $100,000. Explain the concept of depreciation. Which of the following depreciation methods would you recommend: straight-line depreciation, double declining balance method, or an alternative metho...

Responsible Accounting

Participatory budgeting is a process of democratic and decision making, and a type of participatory democracy, in which managers or employees decide how to allocate the organization budget. Participatory budgeting allows both organization and employees to identify, discuss and gives them the power to make real decisions about how money is spent. If the company implementing this system it will give...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Historical Cost Accounting

B. Elliott and J. Elliott, 2009, Financial Accounting and Reporting ,13rd edition, FT Prentice Hall , Essex D. Alexander, A. Britton and A. Jorissen, 2007, International Financial Reporting and Analysis, 3rd edition , Thompson Learning , London. P. Walton and W. Aerts, 2006, Global Financial Accounting and Reporting: Principles and Analysis, Thomson Learning, London D. Alexander and C. Nobes, 2004...

Accounting Capstone


Conventional Accounting

However, conventional accounting may be applicable to environmental and social issues, when the costs of business activities are redefined by containing their environmental and social costs. Such as the activities’ costs is to the enterprise instead of environment or society. This reclassification can help enterprises to decrease the costs of environment and society and thus improve enterprises...

The Importance of Accounting

1. Cote, Raymond - Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting - 2002 Chapter 1 pages 3 to 29 2. Hald, Tim - Published May 31st 2010 Article titled - Accounting Ethics - The Importance of Ethical Practices in Business and Personal Finance available ONLINE at http://ezinearticles.com/?Accounting-Ethics---The-Importance-of-Ethical-Practices-in-Business-and-Personal-Finance&id=4376913 Accessed 10 July ...

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