Accounting Essay Topics

Internship Report of Accounting

1. Introduction During April 12th and April 30th, I served as an intern for ZhiqinCertified Public Accountants CO., LTD. Foshan City, ZhiqinCertified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. is officially registered, a certified public accountant firm, in 1990, a period approved by Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance was established in 2000 began operating a limited company, a… View Article

Accounting Made

Managerial Accounting refers to the accumulation and preparation of financial reports for internal users only (e. g. management). Managerial Accounting includes all manipulations of financial information for use by managers in performing their specified organizational functions and additionally in ensuring the proper used and handling of an entity’s resources. “It is the internal business building… View Article

Ethical Issues on Accounting

Society is composed of many institutions that have various purpose and position. These institutions may sometime have contradicting goals. Money is something people work hard for making it such a sensitive issue. Disputes regarding money are often entangled in heavy disputes and are hard to settle. The accounting is the field that specializes in the… View Article

Process Proposal

The process that is being analyzed is the payroll process at a firm. The process can be viewed as a series of steps done on a daily basis and then at month end when salaries are to be distributed. Their process flow along with diagrams is given below. Daily: The work of the system starts… View Article

Explaining Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures

Explaining Basic Accounting Concepts and Business Structures I will explain the basic accounting concepts and business structures from the following topics: GAAP sources and hierarchy; Good accounting information using the qualities of accounting principles; Difference between Accrual based accounting and cash basis of accounting; Types of business structures and the features of each structure. 1…. View Article

Public trust in the Accounting Profession

Restoring of the public’s confidence in the accounting profession is of paramount importance and rightly so. This profession has suffered major drawbacks in the level of trust and confidence the public holds in its work because of major international corporate collapses. The accounting profession is a profession like no other, and one of the most… View Article

Accounting Principles and Health Care

There are no formal accounting principles that apply to health care. However, there are five generally accepted guiding principles used in the management of the financial aspects of health care management (Cleverly, Song & Cleverly, 2011). Understanding the five guiding principles are important in understanding financial information and managerial accounting and how the principles relate… View Article


Accounting is often referred to as the language of business, and rightly so, since it is the means by which information about an entity is communicated (Meigs, 2000). Contrary to popular belief, accounting is more than just doing taxes, or keeping books. Doing taxes is just one of the many tasks an accountant performs. Bookkeeping,… View Article

Managerial Accounting

Accountants and auditors help to ensure that firms are run efficiently, public records kept accurately, and taxes paid properly and on time. They analyze and communicate financial information for various entities such as companies, individual clients, and Federal, State, and local governments. Beyond carrying out the fundamental tasks of the occupation— providing information to clients… View Article

Career Investigation

My ideal career is in accounting. I have determined that this field is best suited for me through career assessment tests, learning styles assessments and by actually working in this field for several years. I have been interested in accounting since taking my first accounting class in high school. It was then that I found… View Article

Current and Noncurrent

When an individual starts a business understanding financial statements are vital to tracking the company profits and losses. The company decisions are often decided by the figures and statistics. The figures are recorded and compared at a later date. Accounting knowledge is the core of the business and every aspect of a growing company depends… View Article

Brandywine Homecare

1. Construct a Brandywine’s Income Statement. This income statement summarizes the company’s performance during 2007. It reflects how much money the company brought in as revenues, how much spent on expenses, and the difference between the two is the net income profit. All figures above are in terms of millions. Excel rounded the depreciation value which… View Article

The Nine Steps of Accounting Cycle Checkpoint

Step 1 in the accounting process is to analyze the transactions. This would include revenue, expenses, etc., anything that the company received or paid during the time period. Step 2 is to journalize these transactions. To take the information and correctly post each transaction with a debit and credit line item. Step 3 is to… View Article

Financial Accounting Standards Board

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) are two of the most important bodies of the Accounting/Finance field today. Though both boards work together to develop and enforce financial reporting standards for publicly held organizations, the FASB concentrates on the accounting standards in the United States while the IASB… View Article

Accounting Records Required

The general rule of the Companies Act of the Section 167(1) state that every company and the directors and managers thereof shall cause to be kept such accounting and other records as will sufficiently explain the transactions and financial position of the company and enable true and fair profit and loss accounts and balance sheets… View Article


a). The CEO is mainly concerned with reporting the highest amount of income possible. Thus the CEO will be pleased if the company uses the FIFO method. This method recognizes as cost of goods sold the oldest costs, and because prices are rising, the costs charged to cost of goods sold will be less than… View Article


Accounting is the language of business. It is the system of recording, summarizing, and analyzing an economic entity’s financial transactions. Effectively communicating this information is key to the success of every business. Those who rely on financial information include internal users, such as a company’s managers and employees, and external users, such as banks, investors,… View Article

Leigh Ann Walker, Staff Accountant

Leigh Ann Walker was an exceptional student in college. Her 3.9 grade point average and her involvement in numerous business organizations set her apart from most other students. As a result of her hard work and dedication on campus, Leigh Ann received a total of six job offers. Upon graduation, Leigh Ann accepted an offer… View Article

Accounting Information Systems

Every Company or Business has different Information Systems that the use to run the Company. There are various types of information systems employed by payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and accounting? Types of Information systems that are employed by payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable are Paychex, UltiPro Payroll Software, ADP Payroll services, Intuitive Payroll… View Article

Continuing Differences Between US

U. S. GAAP IFRS Convergence In January 2008, the U. S. SEC issued a final rule that adopted rules that allowed non U. S. -based issuers’ financial statements in accordance with the IRRS, as issued by IASB, without the need to reconcile with the U. S. GAAP (SEC, pp. 20, 2008). In its ruling, the… View Article

Student Accounting

This paper addresses the way state funds are distributed to schools using ADA or ADM. It also addresses the advantage of using either one of these and equalizing the funds to maximize cost-quality relationships. It also focuses on preparing for changes in local area revenue and expenditures of a school district based on demographic and… View Article

Accountant’s Role in Project Feasibility

Many new projects which have passed countless feasibility and viability appraisal studies have been sunk by unexpected events such as flood. fire, burglary, changes in legislation, plague, demographic shifts, an inability recruit and/or keep suitable staff, the failure of a major customer, seasonal demands, health scares, product recalls due to poor quality, withdrawal of financial… View Article

Benefits and Effectiveness of Accounting

The research was based on two variables these are computerized accounting systems which comprise of definitions, components of computerized accounting software and benefits and limitation of computerized system and financial reporting which also comprises of definitions of financial reports, benefits and effectiveness of accounting system used at National Water and Sewerage Corporation. The study will… View Article


Merchandise inventory is generally valued at the price for which the goods can be sold. reported under the classification of Property, Plant, and Equipment on the balance sheet. reported as a current asset on the balance sheet. often reported as a miscellaneous expense on the income statement. Items waiting to be used in production are… View Article

Conventional Accounting Systems

Advantages of a Computerized Accounting System The Difference Between Net Income & Pretax Accounting Income The Difference Between Strategic & Traditional HR Before the advent of fast and cheap computers, accounting traditionally was processed manually with all transactions recorded in columnar papers and kept in voluminous binders. Once computers became popular and software affordable, accounting… View Article

Survey – Payroll

A1. The most important I learned in this payroll accounting course is that there can be different methods of calculating income taxes and other taxes, but the underlying idea is to lawfully tax the earner, according to their wage-level and family structure. The different taxing figures for weekly, biweekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually salaries gives… View Article

The GDP Term

GDP should really stand for Grossly Deceptive Product” The Economist What does GDP actually measure? When discussing about the economy of one country, people often talk about “Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, there are a number of disagreements among economist about the value of GDP. Therefore, this essay will discuss whether or not GDP is… View Article

Sop Accounting

I have always believed that the path to enlightenment is the “path of knowledge”. My strong belief is that greater things can be achieved through perseverance. An open mind and a determined approach are the basis for my aspiration to pursue my studies. In recent years, my native country of India has adapted to the… View Article

Accounting System Paper

Kudler Fine Foods has done a wonderful job with its current accounting system by manually tracking data and not having a uniform system for providing information about that data. Data is the raw and unorganized version of information while information is categorized and decipherable data that correlates to the business. Kudler Fine Foods is making… View Article

Performance Management

Overview Welcome to Module 1. If you have not already done so, read the Program Manual located in the Reference Material section of the CMA Canada Professional Programs website. It provides you with important introductory information about the program. In Module 1 of the program, candidates are exposed to many functional competencies from the CMA… View Article