A Report on My Future Plans to Prevent the Spread of Deadly Virus When I Enter the Medical Field and Work in Developing Countries

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When I imagine my future, I see myself as a college grad and successful person. I have many aspirations as to what I want to achieve. I hope to leave an impact on this world for future generations. My first goal, which is shared by my parents, is to go to college. I aim to get good grades in high school so that I can attend a good college. My parents really want me to be educated, because they feel that that is what it takes to succeed in life.

I also share that view. Another reason I hope to attend college is that I imagine that when I am finished and graduated, I will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Also, My older brothers are in college, and I would like to continue the tradition.

Another plan I have for my future is my occupation. I think that I would like to be either an engineer, the occupation my dad has, or a scientist.

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I do not know what specific field I would like to major in, but I know that I want one of these two jobs. I think that they are the right job for me because they are interesting. I want to work at a job that I don’t mind doing, as opposed to loathing every hour I spend at my occupation. But above all, I want to be successful. I have no preference over either one, as long as I am able to make a living out of it.

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My hope is that I will be able to work in a place that I like and make a living, enough to be considered successful. My last goal concerns my mark on this world. In my life, I hope to accomplish something memorable. I do not wish to be famous, for fame comes at a price. I just want to do something beneficial to someone or something and be recognized for it, if only briefly. An example of what I’m talking about is, say, an improvement to a scientific tool, or making plans for an eco-friendly factory of some sort. Things of that sort of magnitude is what I hope to accomplish. I want to be able to look back on my life and feel that I contributed something, however small, to this world for future generations.

Thave set my aspirations for the future high, but I know that I can accomplish them. If I have made it this far in school, I think I will be able to do good on the remaining half of my education. And, through my education, I am sure I will find the right job for me. With hard work and effort, I can achieve anything.

Response to AIDS and the Pharmaceuticalization of Global health. He talks about how the health surveillance system is not reliable and the data about HIV and AIDS are not accurate. These data are said to be inaccurate because there are many HIV and AIDS affected individuals that are not accounted for in the system when they come in for treatment of when they die. It was as though Brazil was trying to cover up their AIDS problem, and they did a great job doing so because many of the individuals affected were homosexuals, prostitutes, drug addicts and the very lower class of the population. Although the government provided patients with free ARV this wasn’t enough. ARV’s are only capable of working to its best when the patients has food, water and nutrients in their system. Because many individuals that were affected lacked these nourishing attributes many died from the aggressiveness of the ARV in their body or just did not take it at all, and still ended up dying. “Governments, and civic organizations focus on funding rather than implementation” (Hahn, 2009, p 493) the government wasn’t doing their job.

If we look at the three interventions, primary, secondary, and tertiary, there was no plan. They did not provide any stable options to avoid the spread of HIV and AIDS, they did not reduce the impact of HIV because the hid the true data and they failed to provide people with enough resources to help them. If the government was to have acknowledged that they had a problem, came up with a plan to address it, and then had an organization to maintain the efficiency of their plan they would have eradicated the problem, but instead they prolonged the impact the problem had on their society. I think that this idea of intervention is important because it lets you tackle a problem before it becomes out of control. This is something I plan to use in the future when I enter the medical field and work in developing countries.

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A Report on My Future Plans to Prevent the Spread of Deadly Virus When I Enter the Medical Field and Work in Developing Countries

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