A Dream Yet To Come True

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I had set a goal to achieve good grades to get a gift promised by my parents which would be anything of my choice. I always dreamt and wanted to have a puppy. It all started on the 4th of October at 8:00 am the day before my exams. I was in my bedroom studying for my first exam paper which was commerce. While I was studying a thought crossed my mind. “Are my dreams going to turn into reality, if I answer all my papers exceedingly well and pass out with high grades?” With this thought I rushed to my parents bedroom and told them that I am definitely going to pass out with high grades and questioned them whether they would keep their promise.

The reply I t was very assertive. That gave me the zest to study very hard. I came to my room and said to myself that I can make it. I began with my studies so seriously that I barely took breaks so much so that I went asleep while I was studying.

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During that short nap I had a dream. In my dream I imagined myself in my bedroom listening to music and my parents just entered my room. I was wondering if I was in trouble or if I did anything wrong. It took me by surprise when my mom placed a big box on my bed. All of a sudden I woke up and heard my mom calling me down for dinner, thereafter took a break and went back to my room to study.

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Knowing that tomorrow was my first paper I decided to go to bed early and wake up fresh. Finally it was the day of my first exam, I was completely nervous and tensed, but was determined to do my best. While I was answering my paper I was very delighted as I answered the paper very well. After school I went home and declared to my parents that the paper was fantastic. The exams went on for a week, but I was not comfortable with my math’s and science papers although I tried my best. As the days passed by it was time for my results. My parents and I went to school to collect my report card. We met the teacher; she was overall happy with my results but said that I could have done much better in maths and science. This disappointed me very much and I said to myself “I lost my opportunity of getting a puppy inspite of me getting good grades in other subjects.” My parents were happy with the efforts I put in but told me that I should take more interest in these two subjects and realize my dreams. On our way back home I asked my parents if I could get my reward – my dream puppy. My parents answered me that though they were happy with my overall performance and that they were very proud of me I have not yet got the grades to get rewarded with a puppy. I felt very sad but accepted it as I too was not happy with the results of my two dreaded papers – Science and Maths. When we went back home I was still wondering how it would feel to have a puppy.

I just had to forget about it and try for my next exams – the finals of grade 9. I have told myself that this is the best challenge for me to do better the next time and am confident that I won’t let my parents down. In the evening my parents decided to go out but I wasn’t in the mood, so only my parents went and I kept thinking to myself only if I had done better in those two papers I would have my dream realized. After about an hour my parents returned and came up to my room saying that they had a surprise for me. I began to wonder is it the puppy?? but then I saw a small box realizing that a puppy couldn’t fit in it. When I opened it, it was an Iphone 6 with 128GB it took me by surprise but I was so thankful to my parents. The Iphone was the next best thing that I could get as I wanted one the moment it was launched. Am happy at what I was rewarded and this experience has made me stronger to perform well and get the best grades to fulfill my long awaited dream – having a puppy, and am confident that I will in my next exams.

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A Dream Yet To Come True

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