During the Civil Rights Motion, a man named name Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stepped up as a leader in order to assist end racial partition. Throughout this time and the numerous years before it, African Americans suffered significantly. Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech made a substantial pivotal moment in the Civil liberty Movement and unlocked to equality. On August 28, 1963, King offers his speech for liberty. He starts by specifying the emancipation of the servants, provided by Abraham Lincoln and mentions that blacks are still not free.

He is extremely convincing and passionate while likewise being aggressive and confrontational. King, together with his advocates, requires a quick and transformation instead of a slow process. Although demanding, King is an extremely tranquil individual and wishes to acquire equality through non-violent actions. His use of Ghanaian style protest proved to be the most modest and reliable method.

He understands that combating violence with violence will just develop an endless cycle of battling, ruthlessness, and suffering.

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After stating his demands, he carries on to what many individuals would call the most remarkable part of the speech, which is his “I have a dream” part. Because part he laid out his vision and wishes for the Civil liberty movement. The supreme message from his speech is equality amongst all people not simply African Americans. Forty-nine years has passed because this legendary speech, which pleads the question; Did Dr. King’s dreams come to life? This is not an ideal world and there will always be some sort of dispute or imperfection when it concerns true equality, however that being said, I believe that his dream has actually come to life.

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His dream was that individuals would be evaluated not by the color of their skin, however by the content of their character; that segregation would end; and that all males, women, and children could live as totally free human beings. In some methods, Dr. King’s dream has come to life. African American trainees can go to schools with white students, they can all eat in the same restaurants together, and some even marry one another.

Segregation is kept out of school and communities so the children of today are able to have better lives. His dream was that everyone could be free. It seems clear that life in the South has improved for African- Americans. African-Americans have become professionals and teachers and even Mayors of cities and towns throughout the South. Black Congressmen and women have been elected from the South. In the North, Blacks have also progressed in all walks of life. One African-American of mixed heritage grew up to be elected to the Illinois State House and the United States Senate and made it all the way to the White House. The ability of Barack Obama to become President was made possible by Dr. King and his comrades who brought the Civil Rights movement to all of our doorsteps. There will always be some form of racism out there, but at this point it’s just regarded simply as ignorance. Right now, racism isn’t even close to how it was nearly fifty years ago.

For the most part, people treat each other equally. Any opportunity for a white man is the same opportunity for a black man. There are no limitations to anyone based on race. Equality has definitely gotten a lot better ever since Dr. King’s speech. Dr. King’s dream has certainly come true in many ways. Take President Obama for example; the first African American president in U.S. history after all the bad that’s happened like slavery and unfair treatment against blacks. We have come from being in the slave house to the white house. The Civil Rights Movement definitely helped the progression of African American’s rights in America.

With public demonstrations, rallies, boycotts and freedom rides, the African American race was given the right to ride on the same public transportation, eat at the same restaurants, and go to the same schools as the white race. The Civil Rights Movement also gave African Americans the right to register to vote. Since Martin Luther King’s time, there have emerged many African Americans who have become very successful and influential like Oprah Winfrey, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter to name a few.

We have accomplished and are doing so many good things and have become very proud people. There are still many people out there who are racist, make racist remarks, and feel like other races are different in a bad way. That being said, the level of significance in racism is nowhere near how it was before. As previously stated, this isn’t a perfect world and there will always be ignorance everywhere. If that disparity in behavior can’t be completely eradicated, will the Black man ever be truly free? Dr. King initiated a huge improvement in the freedom for many and he was definitely successful, but at this point it is up to the individuals to make a difference for themselves whenever they face ignorance.

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Dr. Martin Luther King; a Dream Come True?

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