My trip to Spain

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Ever since the age of 8 I dreamed of going to Barcelona, Spain just so I can go see my favorite professional soccer team play which is FC Barcelona. I was so eager to go I could almost hear the sound of the ball swooshing through the air or it hitting the cleats of the player, but the most I could imagine is the crowd going wild and crying with joy as a goal is been scored.

It was then in mid-July were my parents surprised me that we were going to Spain for a family vacation.

As soon as I heard we were going to Spain I couldn’t believe it my heart sank and I jumped up and down with excitement. It was back in the year 2012 I was just 14 years old about to enter my ninth grade year. The plane was set to leave on July 28. As the day came that I was supposed to leave I started packing, I couldn’t help but to tell my friends where I was going.

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Finally the day came as I boarded the plane I waved good bye to my aunt who dropped us off at the airport. As the plane took off I knew it would be a long flight so I fell asleep, after 5 hours of sleeping I woke up and we barley landed. I looked out the window and it was magnificent as I boarded off the plane everything was In Spanish the good thing is that in fluent in Spanish except for some words I didn’t really understand but anyways as we left the airport we went to a local bank to get our U.

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S. money converted to Euros. After that we went to our hotel that my mom booked for us, as we got there everyone was welcoming us I in the other hand was in my own world anxious to go see my favorite team play and see all the trophies they have won.

Four days later, I woke up early and yelled with excitement I was relieved I didn’t wake anybody up especially my parents. Today was the day I got to see my favorite team play. It was so my parents woke up about half an hour later. We all started getting ready as we walked out the door we went down the lobby and I had breakfast. Then it was time to leave and go see the game as I got in the car I couldn’t help but to holler outside the window with joy. I was so happy that I finally get to see my team play in real life instead of on TV back in my house.

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My trip to Spain

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