A Day in My Life

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My name’s Gareth, I’m fifteen years of age and I live in Eastbourne. In this essay I will be talking about a day in my life, this day will be Friday. On a Friday, I wake up bright and early, this is normally seven o’clock. I then get dressed into my school uniform, which consists of black trousers, a bright white polo shirt and shiny black loafers. After making myself look presentable, I go downstairs and make breakfast, some days this is toast and on others it may be cereal, depending on what I’m in the mood for on that morning.

At ten past eight I leave my front door and begin my short journey to my school, Eastbourne Technology College. Once I am at school I go to registration with my teacher, Mr Stewart, then I sit eagerly in my form room until my first lesson of the day, this begins at nine. My first two classes are double design and technology with Mr Butchers.

This is one of my favourite subjects as I enjoy using the machines, experimenting with many various materials and learning new skills. Also, the projects are really fun, our last task was to manufacture a storage unit of our choice.

For this, I carefully designed and neatly made a set of shelves to store CDs and ornaments in, however, this took about three months to complete, but it was well worth it as I was extremely happy with the end result.

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We have since started our GCSE coursework, this is a lot more difficult than the shelf project, as I have to design and produce three children’s toys with a theme linking them all. I am trying hard on this as I am determined to get a good grade for this subject, which I am capable of. At eleven it is finally time for my well earned break.

During these ftwenty minutes I either go to the canteen, play football with the boys on the field, hang around in the playground, or sit and chat in Mr Ellis’s classroom, which is in the hut. After this short amount of time, I’m ready for my next two classes that lead me up until the lunch hour. By now, I am half way through my school day, and now it’s maths. My teacher’s name is Mr Pratt, I think he is a funny teacher, as everybody has a laugh and joke with him. This is another of my strongest subjects as I fully understand it and sometimes even end up enjoying it.

By forth lesson I am looking forward to lunch time. My last lesson before this is english. Mr Brennan teaches us this. In my opinion, he’s a great bloke and he’s hilarious. At the moment, we are studying the book, Of Mice and Men. I think it’s really boring, but have to concentrate as I have to produce a piece of coursework on it. The lunch break at my school is from twenty past one, until two o’clock. This is a bit stingy if you ask me, but I suppose it is better than nothing. In this time, I eat my lunch and play a bit of football.

I only have one lesson left until the weekend now, thank god. My next teacher is Ms Webster, we have her for Information Computer Technology (I. C. T. ). Right now, we are doing Corpal database coursework. I think this is quite boring because some people are ahead of everyone else, so they get in a mood as Ms Webster helps the people that are ahead. Never mind, it’s the end of the school day now and I’m off to enjoy the weekend. After my long, hard week at school, I like to come home and have a relaxing couple of days.

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