Unfortunate day of my life Essay

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Unfortunate day of my life

I was heading to the bank with my parents on that beautiful Sunday. The birds were chirping merrily in the swaying branches. A cool breeze swept across the road with a quiet humming noise. Cars could be heard zooming past with the occasional blaring of a horn.

As we were entering the bank my parents were discussing about the plans for the day ahead. The bank was bustling with activities, the tellers were tapping at their keyboards furiously while customers waited impatiently for their numbers to be called. There were a few other children who were running around in the bank making a nuisance of themselves.

I knew that it was going to be a long wait so I had brought my hand phone along with me; as my parents got their number, I anxiously looked for a seat so that I could bury my head into that ‘object of scorn’, my hand phone! When I finally found a seat I plopped my exhausted body onto it. Then, I went into my favourite game, ‘Subway Surfer’. I was playing for a few minutes when ‘Bang’ the glass door shattered. Everyone turned around and the police officer on site was on the floor with blood oozing from his wounds as the two bank robbers entered the room and told everyone to lie down on the floor. I looked frantically for my parents but could not find them as all I saw were people in the bank about to go haywire from panic.

The robbers approached a teller and told him to fill up the bag with money. He opened the drawer and shoved all the money into the light brown canvas bag. While the other robber kept an eye on the people and constantly reminding not to make any noise or else he would shoot to kill. All the people were petrified. Suddenly, there was a zapping noise and the robber keeping an eye on the people fell onto the ground with a loud thud. His accomplice turned around and looked at us. Once again the zapping noise was heard and he too fell onto the ground.

To everyone’s amazement the wounded police officer rose from behind the potted plant. Before anyone could say anything, he ordered the tellers to sound the alarm and for everyone to evacuate the premises. I sprinted to the entrance and looked for my parents as everyone ran out.

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