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Workaholic Lifestyle

Categories: Lifestyle

In THIS rapiLY changing world, the more employments THAT are created, the more people WHO BECOME involved in workaholics’ lifestyle. There is no doubt that workaholics HAVE A difficult time to get along with their liveS. Because A workaholic’s lifestyle has a profound influence on their families, their social lives, and their health.

Firstly, A workaholic’s lifestyle has an adverse effect on their families. As much as A workaholic has a superior position in their company, THE time they spend WITH their families is limited.

They do not EVEN have enough time to take care of their children or do household chores, which leadS to THEIR communICATING inadequately with other family members. Therefore, their children may not BE educated carefully in termS of emotion and spirit, which in turn makeS A workaholic uncomfortable about the behavior of their children.

In addition to the negative effect on their families, A workaholic’s lifestyle can effect on their social lives. Without enough time to participate in outdoor activities or community activities, workaholic cannot form new relationships with others.

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Therefore, friends who play an important role in their mental health around them are so few that IT makeS them uncomfortable IN society. Furthermore, they have a looser and looser link with their relatives. As a result, all of this makeS them feel isolated from their society.

Finally, it is obvious that A workaholic’S life-style HAS a harmful influence on their heath. After working HARD ALL day, they have no time for pastime in order to reliEve their stress.

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Therefore, they must suffer from severe work-related stress for a long time, which MAY lead to serious disease. For instance, an individual who works more than eight hour per day may suffer from severe headacheS. Consequently, he will not be able to fulfil his work expeditiously on time.

In conclusion, there are a number of undesirable impactS on not only their workaholic’s life but also the world around them. Hence, they should set a schedule to have more time to care for their families, and to keep relationships as well in order to have A well-balanced life.

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