The Effects of Workaholic Lifestyle

Who do you think of when you hear the word “a workaholic”? Maybe you fancy that it is someone like an alcoholic and he is crazy not on the booze but on his work. I reckon that it is the right comparison. Both a workaholic and an alcoholic are such people who have certain psychological problems. There are some common reasons that can cause alcoholism in some cases as well as unconquerable craving for working in other cases. Among these reasons are the fears of the constant strain in private life, failed relations with children, parents or friends.

As a result of these psychological traumas a person becomes mad on working, drinking, taking drugs. Speaking about workaholics we can conclude that their work for them is something like psychological protection, reflecting their negative emotions and giving them a chance to forget about their personal problems. As you see the workaholism, alcoholism, drug addiction and ludomania, well-known as gambling problem, very often have the same role: they keep their victims detached from their real life; they help them to forget their problems and failures in the reality.

In the consequence these addictions lead only to more and more problems in all aspects of life. But unfortunately not only problems in the private life lead to the workaholism. Some people just do not care about their personal life, family and friends. They are career-conscious and money-mad, and they do not want anything but only to earn money. On this essay I would like to examine all the effects which can be caused by the morbid craving for working.

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First of all it is necessary to stress the fact that workaholism actually is a great problem for the present world. For instance, 34 % of US adults do not take their vacation days; actually they cannot choose the proper time for their holidays, they cannot find the time to spend with relatives and friends. Well, they seem to be the true workaholics. At first glance, workaholics do not seem to be such a headache for industry and society as a whole. Naturally someone may consider that such people are really helpful for the economy of their state.

But actually in spite of all devotion to his/her work a workaholic will not be as valuable as a normal worker, because this lifestyle has a very significant influence on his/her health, family life and position in society. Firstly, there are no doubts that the workaholics’ lifestyle has a harmful influence on the health of people. After working hard all day, workaholics just have no time for the full-fledged rest, they cannot get rid of their stresses. What is more all the workaholics suffer from these work stresses for a long time, it leads inevitably to serious diseases. For example, a person who works more than eight hours per day may suffer from severe headaches. And it is not the worst consequence. Very often workaholics do not get enough sleep or on the contrary suffer from insomnia. Exhaustion, poor sleeping habits, minimal exercise, stress, junk food diet lead to cardiovascular diseases.

People working 11 hours a day or more suffer from 67% chance of heart diseases than those with about seven or eight. All in all it is apparently that workaholics do not spare their heart and nerve cells as though they do not want to live long and happy life. Secondly, the workaholics’ lifestyle has a really bad effect on their family life. Workaholics spend only strictly limited time with their spouses, parents and kids, as they work all their free time. Workaholic family will tend to neglect their children because they are rarely able to squeeze some free time for them. All they have after get back from work are negative moods and body pains; they even do not have extra energy to talk to their children. Therefore, workaholics’ children may not be brought up and educated in the proper way.

These kids may feel lonely and abandoned by their workaholic parents. Afterwards there could be a gulf in relations between children and parents. Besides, it is just impossible to keep relations with a wife/husband if a person works all the time and does not pay necessary attention to his/her spouse. In the USA the divorce rate amongst couples with no workaholic spouse sits at around 16%. By contrast, workaholic marriages crumble at a 55% rate, owing to alienation. Finally, workaholics ruin their life in the society. No one workaholic can form new relationships with people because they just have not enough time to participate in outdoor or community activities. As a result a workaholic person can lose all his/her friends because of the morbid craving for working. A workaholic can lose all the friends because earlier he could not find time for them.

As a result, all of this makes workaholics feel isolated from their society. In summary I would like to mention that there is a big difference between a hard worker and a workaholic. Workaholism is working to the exclusion of everything else in someone’s life. Working hard and working a lot means that person is doing job well and in special “work time,” while workaholics cannot stop working.

Even if they are not at work they are thinking about it. Even sitting on the beach or spending the time with children they may be counting the possibilities of further development of the company. A normal worker understands that organism is not a machine and needs some rest. Workaholic is so obsessed with his work that he is ready to sacrifice all other necessities. Subsequently all that causes a reduction of economic profit for companies and countries. And on my opinion workaholism should be treated as well as other addictions, as all we know what all work and no play did for Jack.

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The Effects of Workaholic Lifestyle
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