Why You Treated Unfairly by Bad Words?

Most of people love fair, so when they are treated unfairly that make them feel bad or maybe it’s the point to begin some problems easy. But why some people have unfair acting to other people? Once time I had ever faced with a unfair person who made me more understand about acting of human and get a good lesson from the experience to keep in my mind until now.

When I was starting a new job as an official worker at a small private company where it had 9 employees and there’d 5 rooms.

As they shared their duties and it’s also 2 people (a staff and boss) per a room to combine work together and a big boss worked alone in a big room. I thought it’s a good place to work, but I had to adjusted many things for new place. First day I felt very tired as my boss , she had been teaching me many things about work in whole day.

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I thought maybe all my duties that I had to do in each day. However, I had ever told to her before I had not experienced about it while she was interviewing me. But she told me it’s ok no one could be done about this work just one day. So in the evening of the day I thought why she taught me just one day and it’s done.

Second day of my working was in there I had gone to work in early morning as I wanted to learn many things before I started work 9 am.

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Not long time I started to work then my boss called to me that she was a little sick, so she might come to office at around 5 pm. At time I felt not good as I just learned about work one day then I had to work alone.

My responsibilities were receiving phone’s customer and kept in formations to reports day to day. Unluckily, the day there’d lot of customers to call and ask me informations by two phones of my boss and me. So I couldn’t keep all of the inform to make reports, it’s not perfect. Later at about 4.45 pm she reached the office with her not good friendly and stress face. Then she checked my reports that I tried to make like she taught me yesterday.

Later I was shocked by the words that I listened. She said so loudly within bad acting,” Why the report is not clearly, “What’s this? Why you don’t understand what I taught you yesterday? “,” Your reports are so stupid, so you are a idiot person “ and ect.. these were all of bad words to me . My god! I didn’t know what to say for a few minutes and it’s also other workers there looked at her and me what happened in the room. Then something run to my brain what did she said it’s fair for me?

About five minutes after I was shocked and tired to control my mind as much as I could since I had never been terrible chided without enough reason like that. After I thought I could control my mind then I said to her,” Yes, I am not perfect to work right now, but I just started this work yesterday and today I work alone. So is it fair to me? When you looked down and called me to be a “idiot person “. Immediately the big boss called her and me to clear in his room. It’s sure the big boss knew about my boss as well what happened in her life and it’s also her acting to other people.

So he told my boss to only listen at time and talked to me “I know about her for a while, so I would like to say sorry about the thing what she did to you and about the work is not perfect today, it’s ok as you are a new staff, I understand.”

Then he returned to say with my boss,” Do you think it’s fair about what the words what you said to her? I know you have many problems in your life, but you shouldn’t say bad words or rude acting with other people who don’t have wrong. And your subordinate just work in two days, so you should understand her and don’t do it again. Or I might fire you, if you don’t improve your acting to be better.”

Finally we understood each other and after the day everything was better with me by day to day. Anyway, the experience taught me to realize that sometimes we must face with people who treate unfairly should control our mind and think positive before say out some words to them. Because everything happens with a reason its self that I still use the way to control myself when I have to face something is not good or fair.

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Why You Treated Unfairly by Bad Words?

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