Why Respect Is Important Essay

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Why Respect Is Important

Why is respect important in a classroom? Respect is important in a classroom because it shows that you’re nice, it shows that you listen, and it shows that you’re courteous. There is no reason for being rude to anyone. If you are having a bad time, there is no need to make sure everyone else has one. Also, you being rude can result in the whole class getting in trouble.You must be respectful to your classmates, your substitute, and most importantly your teacher.

You need to be respectful to your fellow classmates. If you are not nice to your classmates, then that could result in everyone not liking you and them to not wanting to do anything with you. Also, if you are mean to others then, they could possibly be mean back.You could get known for being the mean person in class, and that could make people want to stay away from you. Classmates are not the only people you should be respectful to though.

Substitutes are another type of people you should respect in a classroom environment. You should respect them because they are older than you and have power over you. You should be respectful towards them because they could possibly write a bad report for your class and give it to the teacher. If the teacher gets a bad report about your class then they just might make you do extra work. Remember, substitutes are guests in your classroom and you shouldn’t be rude to guests.

Most importantly, you should respect your teacher. You should respect your teacher because they control what you do in the class and how much work you get. If you are rude to them, they might give you extra homework or classwork. Also, you see them everyday and they don’t want to be with a rude person everyday. Nobody wants to be the one person the teacher dislikes, so be respectful to your teachers.

Respect is good way to show how nice you are, how courteous, and how good you listen. One really important place you should be respectful at is the classroom.The three main people you should be nice to are your classmates, your substitutes, and your teachers. If you want respect, then should be respectful to everyone else. Remember, good things don’t come to people who are rude.

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