What's Your Leadership Style?

As I reflect on my college courses and work experience, I realized how much I learned about myself and my abilities during my college courses and how I started paying attention to my leadership potentials. There are several courses that raised my awareness of myself in addition to enriching the academic knowledge. In the Critical Thinking course for example I had the chance to view my way of thinking from a point outside my mind. I knew about the flaws in my way of thinking and how to be a mentally balanced thinker and be more aware of my thoughts.

The results of my 5 personality aspects: mind, nature, energy, tactics and identity showed as follows: Extraverted – 74%, Observant – 65%, Thinking – 60%, Judging – 80%, Assertive – 62%. Also in the Leadership course, I learnt about the traits that can make me a potential leader, what style of leader I may belong to and how I behave in critical situations and so on. I also learned to stay connected with all the courses that I finished and use the knowledge instead of throwing them behind.

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I developed this reflection skill, re-evaluating my performance in course assignments I finished. This is what I call the real benefit

My style of leadership is somewhat Laizze-Faire participative styles rather than. Autocratic. I got this idea as I mentioned through reflective efforts in addition to taking a Personality Type test. As the time passed and with closer observation, I became more convinced with the Laizze-Faire participative style of leadership. However, I am still trying to use more aspects of my personality according to the theory of leadership of in-born versus acquired (Hanley, 2014).

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In some regards, I am a visionary person, and I wonder how leadership is important for my long-term goals and how it might advance my career. From one side I realize the importance of leadership both for my personal goals and for my career. However, from what I learned about Laizze-Faire participative style of leadership, I don’t think it is style that boldly singles out the characteristics of leaders. Unless the other theories on leadership are true that can be “acquired” I might become one. However, my idea of myself is not as important as understanding the fact that I behave like a Laizze-Faire participative style and I have been behaving as one throughout my life and academic experience. Now I can easily tell if a person is a Laizze-Faire participative style leader and even imagine how they would behave in certain situations. Even so before that and for my remaining academic years I find myself thinking and behaving as a Laizze-Faire participative style in group works, outing with friends and even in any occasion that put me in charge.

My manners, personality, plus my idea of leadership can be co-related. Taking for example, my highest the “mind” and “identity” together with my nature, energy and tactics which are all above average observing, thinking and judging (65%, 60%, assertive 62%) that respectively match perfectly. The theory of leadership as of born vs. made is a tangible experience that everybody can detect and test. The role I am given for this result is (Sentinel). The strategy I am given is (People Mastery). The new fact that I learnt about myself, first is that I am a highly “judgmental” person which is not what I thought. That is a good merit in a leader because judging other people abilities and character can make a huge difference in planning and decision-making to put the right person in the right place to get the needed results. I also noted that I am an “Extroverted” person at work, and being a leader pushed my boundaries and made me a sociable person. However, my above-average score in nature, energy and tactics (average 60%) which shows that in “energy” I am observant, and “nature”. However I still lead positively in my social life as well as in my career.

As a volunteer in an Aramco family event back in 2011 for example, I experienced the role of being a leader for a week. I was assigned to lead a group of 23 volunteers as my team. It was a very interesting experience even though we faced some obstacles. I had to use my communication skill to solve many of the conflicts that happened between team members. I found myself using the Laizze-Faire participative style to get team members involved and help them to completing their tasks.

Another proof to my Laizze-Faire participative style is my role as a team lead for over 32 employee in a multi-national company. I deal with different nationalities and different backgrounds, and the goal is to work together in harmony. I often find myself in proactive situation where I have to reach out to involve and contribute to bring together a group of ladies who have no common interest and lead them to share their skills. As a Laizze-Faire participative style I tried to enliven the circle of communication as TD (2017) stresses; talk to others, join this group in conversations and so on. I think I was successful and used my communication skill without making my team think I’m being “bossy”. It is my nature as an open and warm person to seize any opportunity to show my intra-personal relationships like I do in the inter-personal level. Therefore, in both cases I can say I am positive person and once the opportunity is there I’m always active participator and maybe even a leader.


As a leader to my team and even farther with contributions to the local and global communities I think my Laizze-Faire participative style will help me through. Even though I am not completely sure that this is my only style of leadership –since I still have to demonstrate and test other styles informal environment, yet I think I’m closer to it than to others. Also the idea that I always think of how to contribute to my local community as an educated Saudi girl, indicates this is my real style. I think I was born with it because my extended family really values education and work ethics, and so often pushed me to the front. I think this is my opportunity to “lead by example” and lead in several professional and social events. Globally I think I will be a positive person who is open-minded and willing to accept diversity, change as long as it helps in the globalization objectives, and reflects my community and represent our 2030 vision.

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