Ways to Build Stronger Friendships

Friendship is the one cement that will ever hold the world together,’ (Woodrow T. Wilson). Everybody has friends. Without friends people can survive but cannot live. Day by day a strong bond is created in this relationship and that bond unites people forever. Indeed, There are a number of things that make someone a good friend. An ideal friend could differ, but they’re always trustworthy, intelligent and supportive.

The first quality of a perfect friend is fidelity that is important for any relationship.

Firstly, honest people show what they are. They never lie to others. They tell the truth that doesn’t matter how hard that is. For example, when my best friend makes a mistake, he honestly reveals that. Secondly, faithful people are loyal to others. They show respect to others, they also value friendship and borders. Finally, they appreciate people to stay positive about themselves. They are positive and inspire others to be positive. My friend always inspires me when I am depressed.

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Thus, this quality is important for an ideal friend.

The second reason for a close friend requires to be smart about their mates. First, she has the ability to understand you. She knows what is going on in your mind. And also know how you react about any incident. For instance, My best friend Emu knows what I feel on weekends because of my work. Second, intelligent people have the sense of their responsibilities. They know what they should do or shouldn’t. Third, she is funny and has a great sense of humor.

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She can make people laugh. For example, when I feel sad, my close friend always turns my mood. Thus, your best friend has to be intelligent about you.

A further feature of a best friend is to encourage their bestie. First, a caring buddy listens to her friend. She tries to understand the thoughts or opinions of their mates. For example, In my group, there is a girl who always listens to others, and tries to help her buddies. Second, a kind friend stays by your side in your difficulties. They help to overcome their difficulties. For instance, when I didn’t understand some homework, my mate explained it to me. She also tells me how I can do that. Finally, they show love and affection with their loves. A supportive friend tries to maintain a close relationship. She has a balance of importance about their friends. In sum, people want a mate who cares about them and also encourages them.

In conclusion, everyone wants a bestie who honors them, holds them up. We want a friend who recognizes, hears and entertains us. She also pays attention and cheers us. Do you have an ideal friend like that?

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