Was Magellan Worth Defending? Essay

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Was Magellan Worth Defending?

A man suffering attack under foreigners. A crew of men willingly watching their captains death. Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who was the captain of a fleet granted by spain in the year of 1519. Magellan took his fleet on a journey to circumnavigate the world on a mission to find a new trade route to The Spice Islands and by doing so he proved the world was round. Magellan was a skilled navigator and captain but his barbaric acts toward the Filipinos caused his crew to question if he was worth protecting at his death. Magellan was not worth defending because he was cruel, unprepared, and he put the crew in danger. The first out of many reasons Magellan was not worth defending was because he was cruel.

The first way Magellan was cruel was because he was selfish. Although Magellan did not know that the jellied vitamin C called Quince jelly prevented him from scurvy it is unlikely he would have willingly shared his supply anyway (Doc D). Magellan was also cruel because he put his crew under the impression that he would kill them because of lack of food and supplies (Doc B). Only cruel people can make others feel the way Magellan caused his crew to feel. Lastly, Magellan was cruel because he switched his mission from traveling to The Spice Islands to trade to torturing the Filipino people. It was cruel to the Filipino’s, his crew, his country, even himself.

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