Is College Worth it Essay

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Is College Worth it

“What is a College Degree Worth? ” by Maggie Gallagher. The overall main idea of this article is that the cost of college is going up and people is taking loans out which are putting them in debt because they have to pay them off. That is the reason why some people don’t go to college, I believe the author wrote the article to inform you about why teens are in debt after they graduate college. According to Mrs. Gallagher the main reason why college debt is increasing is because loans are available and teenagers are encouraged to borrow money.

At least 700 colleges have contract with bad banks to market credit cards to students. About nine in 10 students use credit cards to help pay for their college expenses. The main reason why the increase in college debt is because colleges have taught teenagers bad financial decisions, which has caused the decrease in the worth of a college degrees.

The degree I’m pursuing at this moment is my Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts. I want a better education other than a high school diploma. Me wanting to become a chef/ Pastry chef, there is nothing Flint nor Michigan for my degree. I want to be up there with the people on the Food network channel and the TLC channel as well. With me having more degrees it will most likely guarantee me a VERY nice job in the near future.

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