Varying Activity Preferences Essay

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Varying Activity Preferences

I have found that a person’s culture has an impact on which physical activities individuals participate in to stay healthy. There is a very well known difference in the types of activities that everyone participates in, when culture is taken into account. It has a significant effect on what activities individual’s prefer. I interviewed three people about what kind of background they have, there age, and activities they do to stay in shape to prove it. The first person I interviewed was German Glosslin a 37 year old born and raised Canadian.

Harris says ” I love the speed of the sport. Not just of the players, but how fast things change. I realized that you have to be constantly on your toes. Also, unlike like basketball, football and soccer, I find hockey requires abilities and skills. There’s no other sport that you have to skate or use a stick. Everyone is born with the natural ability to throw or kick, but hockey skills are learned. ” He also says that hockey is very popular in Canada. He plays whenever he gets the chance.

The next person I interviewed is Jesus Espendosa a 17 year old high school senior, told me why he loved soccer so much, “soccer is actually a lot of fun. You have more planning and you don’t get hurt as much as you think. In fact you have to be more flexible then powerful to play the game. ” I asked him if he thought that his heritage liked football more than other sports and he said, “Yes, because it was the only sport we could really play when we lived in Mexico, all my friends there play it too.

Jesus is very active, and has participated in many soccer games. My last interview was with Drake Half. He is a 19 year old American high school graduate. He loves American football. He actually wants to play professionally someday. He said he doesn’t stop talking or thinking about football ever. American Football is very popular here in the U. S. Drake says “American Football is the best sport ever! ” I dream of playing for the Dallas Cowboys someday.

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