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User centred design

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 10 (2315 words)
Categories: Design
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Presents, User Centered Design has been embedded in many design plants. This essay seeks to research the nature of this attack. This essay is split in to four subdivisions.

The first subdivision is to supply a definition for User Centered Design while the 2nd subdivision will explicate the benefits of utilizing this attack with illustrations. I will so travel on to discourse the restrictions of User Centered Design and a decision will come afterwards.

What is User Centred Design?

User Centred Design is an attack which aims at increasing the serviceability of merchandises, and hence doing them more effectual in run intoing users ‘ demands.

This attack requires the interior decorator to concentrate on the users throughout

‘The planning, design and development of the merchandise. ‘ ( UPA resources, no day of the month ) Norman ( 1999 ) described user centred design as ‘Transforming hard undertakings into easy 1s. ‘ It requires the interior decorator to analyze the users before planing.

User Centred Design attack frequently requires a great trade of engagement from the users during the procedure.

Transporting out this attack frequently includes roll uping terminal users ‘ sentiment right before the start of the undertaking, every bit good as during the design procedure, and planing with them. The aim of this is to let the interior decorators to hold a good apprehension of the topics who will utilize the merchandise. Therefore, good interaction between interior decorators and users is the cardinal under this attack.

UCD is widely recognized and there is an international criterion which serves as a benchmark and a guideline. International standard ISO 13047: Human-centered design procedure outlines the 5 phases of a typical UCD design, which are placing demand for human centered design, stipulating the context of usage, stipulating demands, making design solutions and measuring designs. ( UPA Resources, no day of the month ) These stairss define merely general processs but non exact methods. In fact, these criterions do non sketch how each phrase should be carried out. For case, stipulating the context of usage can be done by studies, observations, interview and many other methods.

Advantages of User Centred Design

Norman ( 1999 ) foremost suggested UCD is basically a series of processs that simplifying hard undertakings through working natural belongingss of people and of the universe, simplifying the construction of undertakings, doing both executing and rating sides of an action seeable, working natural restraints and planing for mistake. Aesthetics is non considered as a demand in his original definition of UCD.

Needs of end-users in survey during a UCD procedure should non be merely those associated with maps of a merchandise, but besides users ‘ unsaid demands including, but non limited to, demands for aesthetics. Norman ( 2004 ) introduced three degrees of user centered design viz. Visceral design, Behavioral design and Reflective design.

Visceral design is about the visual aspect of the merchandise which aims at capturing people ‘s attending that they would ne’er bury it or replace it with others. A design that people love it when they see it the first clip is a successful splanchnic design.

The Muji Bath Radio is basically a wireless which is designed to be used in bathrooms and it fits in with the bathroom with a playful component. This merchandise is designed by Industrial Facility. It is fun merely when it gathers with the Muji refillable shampoo bottle, they appear to be a household ; the bottle itself and even the label of the shampoo are of the same size with the talker of the wireless. Using it is really straightforward, merely turning the top to set the volume and on or off while the AM and FM tuning subdivision is at the underside. The wireless is sealed to guarantee it is H2O resistant to protect the wireless due to the environment that it is being used ( Fig. 1-3 ) . ( Industrial Facility, 2009 )

Behavioral design is the functional portion of a design. The merchandise needs to be functional and easy to utilize. Norman suggested that even some merchandises are complicated and users need to larn how things works but it should be learnt one time merely.

Apple increased the serviceability of Mac computing machines by doing the interface of package written for Mac OS similar. Therefore, one time the basic controls are learnt, users can pull off a assortment of package for this system easy and rapidly.

Another good illustration would be hook-and-loop fastener which makes ligature places easier and serves as an option to shoe lace. It is besides a design that focuses on users. Tiing a shoe lace is an mundane but potentially hard undertaking for kids and infirm grownups due to its built-in complexness. Hook-and-loop fasteners simplify binding places and supply an easy option to shoe laces. Many may reason that this illustration is non important but as Norman ( 1999 ) suggested ; this simple design caters the demands of users and solves the troubles of a big section of population.

Brooding design is about the message the merchandise gives to the user and the manner the merchandise represents the individual who uses it. Sometimes people buy a merchandise is non for the physical result but the psychological result. The chief merchandising point of this type of design is non their functionality but things like prestigiousness that having the design brings. For case, People drink Fair-trade java may non truly concern about the husbandman ‘s benefit in the 3rd universe. They may make so to demo to others how sort and generous they are.

Nowadays, many concerns have incorporated this political orientation into their merchandise scope. Creating merchandises which consumers really need and want frequently feeds through to higher gross revenues and hence higher net income. Brand image will besides be benefitted. One of the cardinal benefits of UCD attack is that it allows interior decorators to achieve some degree of apprehension of the users ‘ demands. Harmonizing to Parsons in ‘Blueprint November 2009 ‘ ( 2009, p.54 ) , before UCD is being widely adopted, interior decorators have to utilize their experience and cognition to think the demands of users. This in bend may make a mismatch between the merchandise and the demands of end-users. UCD ensures efficient usage of clip and resources.

Restrictions of User Centred Design

However, UCD is by no means a perfect theoretical account and may non be the ideal solution in some instances. I am traveling to exemplify the restrictions and disadvantages of UCD in the undermentioned paragraphs.

UCD is frequently characterized as time-consuming and dearly-won. Many UCD interior decorators believe that market research is by and large non an appropriate manner to understand the behaviour of the terminal users. Users may non make what they told market research workers and there are frequently unsaid demands such as those associated with “ attraction ” and aesthetics. For the interest of deriving a full and dependable apprehension, UCD interior decorators frequently observe their users straight such as detecting how end-users really carry out specific undertakings. Detecting a scope of topics can be expensive and decidedly takes a great trade of clip every bit good as attempt. However, it is possible these observations are subjected to Hawthorne Effect whereby persons change their behaviour when they know they are observed. ( Campbell, Maxey and Watson, 1995 ) These observations may non be dependable after all.

Furthermore, end-users may non cognize what they truly need. They may non cognize if they truly need or desire the merchandise until they really see it. Therefore, engagement of users in the earlier phases may non be excessively helpful.

Furthermore, without the proficient background as a professional interior decorator has, what users think might work might non work in pattern. Besides, excessively much committedness to fulfill the demands of a peculiar targeted users group may excessively perplex the design which reduces its serviceability by other users.

Norman ( 2005 ) suggested that ‘If a user suggestion fails to suit within this design theoretical account, it should be discarded. ‘

A balance between making what consumers want and keeping the serviceability should be achieved.

UCD is an political orientation, which is the pronunciamento of many interior decorators. However, use of UCD processs does non vouch the merchandise is utile for the users. Although there is an international criterion which outline the general construction for typical UCD undertakings, the methods to travel about these processs are decided by the interior decorator. Besides, due to clip and budget restraint, interior decorator can merely analyze the behaviour of a peculiar sample. There is once more no warrant the sample is representative for all the targeted users since everyone ‘s demands are slightly different. In add-on, the trying method used straight determines the dependability of these observations.

Users demands are influenced by many external factors and hence demands are capable to alterations. This is particularly the instance for splanchnic design and brooding design, which is capable to alterations in the societal civilization. What is voguish at this minute may non be so in the following. Under UCD, interior decorators spend a long clip to garner input from users and promote them to acquire involved in the design. By the clip the merchandise is produced, users demands may hold changed and therefore it no longer meets the new demands.

There are many illustrations where merchandises, which have non gone through UCD processs, are extremely successful. Furthermore, these merchandises require the users to accommodate them, which is precisely the antonym of what UCD is approximately. ( NORMAN, 2009 ) For case, chopsticks require the users to larn and accommodate them. Learning to utilize chopsticks can be hard and there are a twosome of new merchandises taking to replace chopsticks. However, they are still used by a immense section of the population.

Persons have different penchants and demands. A merchandise taking to fulfill the demands of one group may in bend via media the demand of another group. Take hook and cringle fasteners as an illustration once more, they are non as flexible in the accommodation of the stringency of support as shoe lace and versatile. This design is originally targeted to immature kids, aged and handicapped. As Norman ( 1999 ) suggested, hoop and cringle fasteners are non used in athleticss places such as football places and packaging boots.

User centered design does supply a general benchmark to judge the quality of a design upon. However, utilizing this principal as a footing of design may non be good as it limits the creativeness of a interior decorator. The undermentioned illustration will exemplify this.

The Measure is the first unique cooker which inordinately holds both gas and initiation heat ( IH ) goblin and it is designed to suit a assortment of cooking type and degree. It is designed by Industrial Facility and produced by KichenAid. It owns three professional gas burners, two initiation home bases, cast-iron gratings, cast-iron grill, solid ergonomic controls with constitutional electronic ignition and with a Vitroceramic and unstained surface. The goblin are divided into two degrees. The gas goblin with the grill is higher and far from the forepart because it needs to manage heavy pans. The initiation heat surface is at the forepart and is the same degree with the worktop and able to supply an excess infinite for the work. ( Industrial Facility, 2009 ) Gas is ever perfect for heavy cookery whereas initiation heat is usually for all right cookery and one is non happened to absolutely replace the other. From the user centered design position, in this instance, consumers could bask cooking without giving either one cookery method.

From my point of position, this is orderly and modern but after all it is simply a combination of two bing merchandise. Why spend clip to work on how to re-design something alternatively of making a new cookery technique? You will ne’er cognize if something works unless you have tried. UCD sometimes prevent interior decorators to get down from abrasion. It frequently places excessively much accent on the point ‘tools adapts human ‘ which limits the creativeness of the interior decorator. In fact, in many instances, needs arise merely when a new merchandise launches. For case, before telephone and SMS messages were launched, people did non cognize they demanded communicating in these signifiers.


Finally, I believe every merchandises ‘ get downing point is human centered. Every individual bing merchandise is human centered. We design because we want to better people ‘s life by utilizing our merchandises. Every undertaking, we work on the visual aspect, functionality, and narrations of the design. Although the precedence may change, we design utile merchandises, no affair it physically does the occupation or psychologically does the occupation, it decidedly have a positive result. A design could hold been better does non intend it is non a good design. Without a uncertainty, listening to the end-users sentiment is wise and helpful in design in many instances. However, establishing our designs entirely on what consumers want can be debatable. This is because users frequently lack the expertness. Having users involved is good but they can non replace the occupation of interior decorators. ( Parsons, 2009 ) I believe striking a balance between the two is indispensable.


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