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Managing of User Accounts

Managing a set of user accounts is a requirement of implementing a secure system, which should have some kind of formality to it. The school has never has a system such as this, and having users choose their own account name may mean administration becomes time-consuming and complicated. This may be true if the administrators of the system who are familiar with certain people and their usernames decide to leave the school. Naming conventions can save administrators time and effort, and must be created considering many factors.

In order to carry out a change to this system, an analysis of what is required must be carried out. It should consider the size and structure of the school, and a way of dealing with the possibility of users with the same names. Initially there must be a system whereby user accounts are created centrally and uniquely so that duplicate users are not made. This user account naming approach must be consistent throughout the school, therefore if first name dot last name is used, then it must be applied across the entire organization, as the following example shows ; “firstname.

lastname” would become “john.smith”.

This may even be expanded to include the department where the user works, therefore if John Smith works in accounts and is the manager his new user name would be “john.smith.accounts”. This element of the naming convention helps to prevent the duplicity of users’ real names.

This naming convention could be modified to include initials instead, and exclude the first name.

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There are many permutations of naming conventions. If the student body of the school will also fall under these changes requested by the security committee, their naming convention will also have to change, however this may be done differently to the staff. Each student will have a student identification number, as well as a department in which they study. Therefore student user accounts may be named using this ID and department as the standard convention. For example a student who is in the arts department with a student ID of 12345 would become “arts.12345” under the new change.

These changes will allow administrators to identify and allow access to resources for different users and groups, which would have been much harder to perform under the old system. Therefore it is critical that these changes occur to enhance efficiency and scalability of the system.

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