Ups and Downs in Life

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At one glance, people keep walking forward in life at almost in peace and serenity. But if you happen to talk to any of them, especially if they are close to you, you might come across many stories, be it sad or happy.

However, many of us always think we are alone in facing everyday problems. We assume we are the only person having problems, and is also facing the biggest of it too. Many cannot handle life problem as they start thinking in a pessimistic way.

Many can stand tall alone in happy moments but fail to do so in sad times. One should accept that life is no rainbow. Even the beautiful rainbow in the sky is short lived. Hence in order to be a strong character in all time we must be open and more relax whenever we face problems. It is best to keep cool and not to act hastily in a conflict. Having a row with best friends , spouses or parents are some difficult times we need to face.

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To keep our sanity and serenity we need to be at our utmost patient. As patience is the key factor one can stay calm. As a result our brain is relax then can think at its best and even can find brilliant solutions to face certain difficult things.

We must also understand the fact that anger, frustration and sadness all are interchange with happiness and relaxation. When we are sad we should give time to our heart to accommodate with this feeling but do not stay too long being sad.

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As time goes,we should also tell ourself to move forward as there are more things in life to be much celebrated.

Start a hobby for example go scuba-diving. Take cooking class for a change. We should do something new and beneficial to be more appreciative of our short-lived life. After all this is a spicy life!

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Ups and Downs in Life

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