Universal healthcare might lea...

Universal healthcare might lead to people using the healthcare too often, creating longer wait times. However, universal healthcare would lower the current cost. Formosa Post published the article “Pros & Cons of Universal Healthcare (THE COMPLETE LIST)” on March 17, 2018. Formosa Post explains the pros and cons of universal healthcare and mentions how universal healthcare would lead to longer wait times. A patient could go to the emergency room for no emergency, causing longer wait times for those who have an emergency.

There would simply be too many patients and not enough doctors. You could also say that it is way too costly and is putting the government into more debt. Many people add that the ones who cannot afford healthcare should have simply gotten a better education. Anyone should be given help when in need. What if a child does not have money to pay for healthcare? It is not the children’s fault that their parents are not wealthy enough to pay for care.

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Universal healthcare is fundamental for a more equitable society in which everybody could benefit from healthcare if needed. There should be a system in the U.S. that provides healthcare to all, not only because it can afford it financially, but also because it would lower its current cost. The reason healthcare costs so much in the U.S. is that the primary goal of insurance businesses is to earn more money than they pay. But an insurance business cannot stay financially sound by selling comprehensive policies at inexpensive costs to people who will become ill.

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Thus, insurance businesses spend a lot of money to keep away from sick people, to shift costs to patients, to limit profits, and to eliminate doctors who care for patients with costly illnesses. This is why universal healthcare would lower the cost of healthcare. Atlantic Media Company published the article “Here’s a Map of the Countries That Provide Universal healthcare (America’s Still Not on It).” on June 28, 2012. Max Fisher provides the reader with a map to go over the countries that provide universal healthcare. The article states that the U.S. is almost exclusively the only developed nation that does not have universal healthcare. The U.S. is a developed country that is still attempting to get medical care available to the public. The map given in the article shows nations that administer some universal healthcare plan. Nearly the entire developed world has a healthcare plan. The U.S., the wealthiest nation in the world, still does not have universal healthcare, like almost every other country does. None of the countries that have universal healthcare have such a high-cost rate as the U.S. does. In the U.S., the government pays exceedingly more on healthcare per person than do most countries with free, universal healthcare. The total quantity of health spending is the U.S. is so high that public expenditure on health per capita is still higher than nearly every other country. Access to healthcare in the U.S. will continue to stand out from the rest of the economically and socially developed world. Universal healthcare will extend care to all and reduce medical costs. A government has to support universal healthcare for the reason that it is a basic privilege for all individuals without exception. Most Americans believe the government should ensure healthcare, as shown in the image on the right. As of now, people who do not have the money to afford healthcare use the emergency rooms without paying for high medical bills. These people who should pay their medical bills are not able to, so the remaining people who can pay are left with higher bills in order to compensate for those expenses. The U.S. should provide care that protects, costs less, and ensures the health of all people. People’s education, safety, and health is the government’s responsibility. To conclude, universal healthcare protects lives and benefits the economy. Life, or one’s existence, is one of the ultimate basic and standard rights. Through universal healthcare, people with injuries or diseases that may kill them can be saved. Rich people, as well as poor people, would all get the benefits of universal healthcare. Healthcare is related to safety. Through universal healthcare, people will feel safe and respected by the country. Universal healthcare protects life. Depriving someone of medical assistance and care when needed is taking the dignity away from this person. Another thing the government should take care of is the economy, which affects everybody. Universal healthcare makes healthier people in addition to decreasing the death rates. The productivity in the economy would increase because people are healthier, leading to a higher life expectancy. Time off due to illness would decrease. Universal healthcare would prevent medical debt from forcing people into bankruptcy while ensuring a better educated and healthier workforce for the coming generation. The economy would be less of a problem if the government would provide universal healthcare because the latter could reduce its health-related expenses. Its expenditure would be similar to one of the industrial countries which have already introduced universal healthcare. As a result, universal healthcare contributes to economic benefits. To sum up, universal healthcare takes better care of people’s lives and helps the economy.

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Universal healthcare might lea...

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