Types of English Writing Styles

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Have you ever thought that the structure and the emotional message of your paper depend on your writing style? Before you begin preparing your next assignment for university or college, think about which types you need to use in your composition. In this article, we will explain to you how each variant of compositions differ from each other, and it will be easier for you to identify it before beginning your paper.

There are four main types which are used in English.

These are Expository, Descriptive, and Narrative essays. Each of them has specific characteristics which each writer should bear in mind.

Expository Essay

The expository writing style is mostly used to explain something to the readers. It can be a textbook, scientific, educational, technical guides. This type of writing aims to provide useful content. The writer takes one topic or subject and explains it step-by-step. After reading such essays, the readers have to learn some helpful information and even gain theoretical or practical skills.

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There may be included schemes, pictures, diagrams, which show the info visually. The author’s opinion is not voiced because only the fact that is objectively explained is significant. Also, the expository essay includes graphics and statistics because the written information should be proved.

Descriptive Essay

The descriptive style is the most poetic one because novels, poems, short stories, and most literature genres exist thanks to this type. Authors use lots of synonyms and stylistic devices to make the language of the text more explicit and emotionally colored.

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In such essays, you will notice lots of adjectives and other parts of speech which refer to senses (smelling, hearing, touching, seeing, tasting). The topics of this kind are varied, but they should always be connected with a description of a person, appearance, events, nature, areas, weather, etc.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive writing contains logical arguments and reasoning. The expository essays are unbiased while this one is based on the author’s opinion and persuasive argument that convinces the reader to believe in something. The persuasive power of this style is hidden is the writer’s talent to use motivational and inspiring words which prove his or her viewpoint. You may find the examples of such essays in letters of complaint, texts of public speeches, advertisements, cover letters, reviews.

Narrative Essay

The narrative style of writing is related to telling a story. This type is used by famous authors who create interesting books, novels, short stories, where there are characters who experience different adventures. The aim of the narrative essay is to interest the reader by retelling a story. The author may write about events from the point of view of his or her major or minor characters. This determines the way of narration which can first-person, second-person (which is very rare), and third-person.

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