Truth And Social Culture

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Truth is progressively viewed as something felt as opposed to something known. As I read chapter one, I constantly said things such as, “Not facts, but feelings” and “Preference over truth.” I would consider that an easier way of describing post truth. The expression ‘post-truth’ is now frequently used to relate the current political atmosphere in the United States, in which reality is correlative and even the certainties are available to explain. “Post-truth is relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion that appeals to emotion and personal belief.

” (Oxford dictionary) As the book implied, “Post-truth has now blossomed into a culture of confusion.” (23) This is considered a war between subjective and objective claims. Out of this book, I’ve come to know that God is truth and Satan is human preferences. (20) Because Adam and eve followed after and listened to Satan, that caused an intervention between what God has told them and caused them to reject his sayings (20).

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Compared to modern day, we are separated from the objective truth because we let ‘our’ beliefs and preferences overpower our minds, even though we may know the truth and facts behind the situation. We hide behind our comfortability with our beliefs which causes us to not be able to embrace the truth. (23)

Continuing in chapter two, I asked myself this question; How could you provide guidance out of confusion when you’re also confused in a way? I feel that this chapter is solely about how some “Christians” may seem inactive in the culture of confusion when in reality, they play a big part (27).

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They are expected to, “engage, but not to be influenced” (29). They began to switch up and misapply words from truth himself, Jesus, and make them fit more into words that “uphold Christian views and values” and those who may disagree become their enemies. (33/40) Towards the end, it teaches you that there is a way to let the word be heard without making enemies and degrading anyone. As long as we, “have a cool spirit, turn away wrath, and withhold our anger.” (39)

So, to answer the question, yes, I do agree with Murray’s analysis of the societal culture of confusion. I do feel as if post-truth has become an issue of society today. I feel that people do tend to sort of bend the truth and/ or reject the truth to fit in their own personal perspective. Even I, myself, has been a victim of the culture of confusion. I have also believed and spread false allegations about political situations even though I knew the truth, but the truth got in the way of my feelings and personal preferences. As for the culture of confusion for the church, unfortunately, I also agree with what Murray stated. Even in the church, which Jesus said, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32), the truth often becomes submissive to achieve other goals, such as the growing of the church, scholarly respectability, or maybe even the spreading of God’s word.

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