Troy Essay Topics

Use of the Iliad by the Movie Troy

The movie Troy is generally a violent film and the Iliad, one of the greatest works of the ancient Greek epic poet Homer, is sliced and lacerated hardheartedly in it. Archaeological records and all of its evidences are also no match for the assault that is presented before it. By looking at the archaeology and… View Article

Odyssey and Troy

Odyssey, Troy, Hercilles, Itacha, Zeus, Thesues, Alexsander. If I should guess, some these names are not totally strange to you. Tales of war and death, tales that make the heart beat and thrills the soul. Tales of love and of determination for glory. All these are some of the things that characterize epic literature. As… View Article

Analysis of Troy: Film

The story takes place in the fertile, eastern lands bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and kept by the gods. Within the cradle of ancient civilization empires are built, wars fought, alliances forged, and heroes born. Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, has united most of Greece’s kingdoms under his rule and now advances his army upon the… View Article