The SWOT analysis for IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative is as follows

IBM seems to focus only on big companies whereas there are a large number of small and medium companies around the world. 2. They are exploring new products in complex markets which might make changes difficult. Opportunities:

1. Offering new technologies in developing countries.
2. This initiative includes new ways of thinking.
1. There are potential securities risks.
2. A shift to custom-made technological solutions.

*The relevant trends to consider for the next three to five years are: Environmental trends:
1. Fewer trade barriers.
2. The growth of developing economies like China, India, Brazil and Africa.

Customer trends:
1. All the technologies are connected.
2. Custom-made solutions to all the technological problems.

2.Three ways IBM can communicate its strategy to companies, cities, and governments are: 1. Sam Palmisano sent out a message “Letter from the Chairman”, describing how the Smarter Planet initiative represented an infusion of intelligence into the way the world actually works. 2. IBM also used a print and television advertising campaign to add detail to Palmisano’s message.

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3. Website information which includes videos, statistics, and industry reports.

Watson, an artificial intelligence program, was also used as a part of the communication strategy. Watson was featured on the game show jeopardy, competed against two different contestants and won both times. So featuring
it on the television was a way to show millions of people and convey the message.

3.The benefits of the smarter planet initiative are:
a.To society:
1. Providing solutions for forward-thinking organizations that share a common outlook, they see change as an opportunity and they act on possibilities, not just react to problems.

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2. The solutions also help reduce costs, cut waste, improve efficiency, and increase productivity for companies, industries, and cities. b.To IBM:

1. IBM believes that the transformation will provide growth for the company and its employees, success for its customers, and improved value for its stockholders. 2. Since introducing the smarter planet strategy, IBM has collaborated with more than 600 organizations around the globe.

4.IBM should calculate their Return On Investment to find out how much profit they made from the investment on the smarter planet strategy. They can use their own smart systems to analyze their own data and create a report. Also, IBM can send out surveys to each of the companies, cities, and governments that they have been in contact with to see if their product is working efficiently, and they can better themselves by taking the feedback into account.

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The SWOT analysis for IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative is as follows

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