The Successive Waves Of Globalization Cultural Studies Essay

Globalization is non a new phenomenon, there were consecutive moving ridges through history dating back to Marco Polo. But, after the break-up of Soviet Union, globalisation accelerated through the universe. Globalization is a series of societal, economical, technological, cultural, and political alterations that promote mutuality and growing. Globalization raises the criterion of life in developing states, spreads technological cognition, and increases political release. ( Harris 5-23 ) .

Thomas L. Friedman, writer of The Lexus and the Olive Tree, describes globalisation as a motion that enables persons, corporations, and states to make around the Earth further, faster, deeper, and cheaper than of all time before.

It is the spread of free market capitalist economy to virtually every state in the universe.

Peoples around the Earth are more affiliated to each other than of all time before. Goods and services produced in one portion of the universe are progressively available in all parts of the universe. International travel is more frequent. International communicating is platitude.

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This phenomenon has been titled “ globalisation ” . Not merely the term of globalisation has increased since last old ages, but besides anti-globalization has appeared and is still increasing. Anti-globalization is the term for a group of different protest causes, including: environmentalism, 3rd universe debt, carnal rights, kid labor, anarchism, and anti-capitalism and resistance to multinationals. The most attacked establishments of anti-globalization protests have been particularly World Trade Organization ( WTO ) , International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) , and World Bank. As the large concerns are turning all around the universe, anti-global activities and protests besides increasing their degree of strength.

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A Globalized Universe

In his book, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Thomas Friedman ( 1999: twenty-seven ) describes the universe as “ being tied together into a individual globalized market place and small town ” , driven by “ the spread of free market capitalist economy to virtually every state in the universe ” ( p 8 ) . Indeed, it has become platitude to detect that we all now live in a globalized universe, transforming the manner we live and work. Globalization is germinating: facets often highlighted include planetary media and telecommunication ( Mobile phones and cyberspace are now portion of mundane life for most of the people around the universe ) , planetary trade names ( Nike, Mc Donald ‘s, Coca-Colaaˆ¦ ) , world-wide production and incorporate fiscal markets. At the head of these phenomena are MNEs, profiting from the gap of markets across the Earth, and progresss in calculating and internet engineering, which make it possible to associate far-flunk activities in planetary web. Morrison, J, ( 2008 ) .

What happens in one portion of the universe impacts people on the other side of the World. Peoples around the universe are influenced by common developments.

Everyone is impacted by the go oning addition in Globalization in a assortment of ways. The types of nutrient we eat, the sorts of apparels we wear, the assortment of engineerings that we utilize, the manners of transit that are available to us, and the types of occupations we pursue are straight linked to Globalization. Globalization is altering the universe we live in. ( Harris )

Globalization impacts on societies, concerns organisation and pattern and authoritiess.

Economic globalisation is frequently seen as democratizing, good, and unstoppable ( Smith and Smith, 2002 ) . For illustration, the universe today is so interrelated that the prostration of the subprime mortgage market in the U.S. has led to a planetary fiscal crisis and recession on a graduated table non seen since the Great Depression of 1929.

Furthermore, during the last decennary, with current technological promotions, globalisation has become more accessible. For illustration, concerns can now pull off abroad operations with more control through the usage of the Internet and improved telecommunications. Indeed, cyberspace is a really inexpensive manner of communicating ( In 2009, a one-fourth of Earth ‘s population uses the services of the Internet.

Other illustration, thanks to the cyberspace protest activity have radically changed the face of and generated renewed life in the world of presentations. Gone are old-style assemblages confined to beckoning posters and streamers, reciting talkers, and chair controlled lucifers in specific locations. The development of execution of new tactics is a consequence of the impact of new engineering and the ability of organisers to utilize it to their best advantage. The Internet has the greatest impact on these alterations because it enables to organisers rapidly and easy arranges presentations and protests. Persons and groups are now able to set up day of the months, portion experience, accept duties, arrange logistics, and initiate myriad of other tasking that would hold been impossible to pull off readily and quickly in the yesteryear.

1.1 Globalization of civilization:

In the domain of civilization, there is cultural convergence as industrialisation and modern urban life styles have spread to many states, but cultural foundations of divergent societies persist. Harmonizing to this more probationary position, gradual alterations in nation-states and in national civilizations indicates that globalisation is more kindred to a series of transmutations, instead than individual, across-the-board system.

As Erla Zwingle, from the National Geographic article titled “ Globalization ” provinces, “ When civilizations receive outside influences, they ignore some and adopt others, and so about instantly get down to transform them.

One authoritative civilization facet is nutrient. Across the universe every organic structure is eating authoritative Italian meatballs. During the twentieth century, athleticss took on an progressively international dimension. Sports bring witnesss and participants from all over the universe together. The effects of globalisation on athleticss are huge, for illustration professional football chances are no longer limited to one state.

Even if globalisation increased trade promotes material prosperity, it comes with a high religious and cultural cost. Indeed, globalisation can brush off cultural boundaries.

– The importance of technological invention and communications creates the possibility and even the likeliness of a planetary civilization.

1.2 Globalization of markets:

( The melding of national markets into a individual planetary market ; applies to standardised merchandises, such as industrial goods and trade goods, but for most client merchandises, national markets remain distinguishable. )

In his article “ the globalisation of markets ” Theodore Levitt ( 1983 ) , he predicted the meeting of bing national markets for goods into a individual planetary market, were standardized consumer merchandises are sold in the same mode everyplace, the gustatory sensations and penchants of consumers everyplace holding become irrevocably homogenised. However, it seems that the image had changed by the late 1990 ‘s. Indeed, the modern MNE is non likely to come up with a theoretical account of the planetary auto which is a hit with all consumers in all market, it is certain to hold a planetary selling scheme, aiming peculiar markets with merchandises from its portfolio which it has ground to believe will be suited to demands and gustatory sensations in each market.

1.3 Globalization of production:

( A tendency in fabricating industries, in peculiar, of switching operations to states where conditions and environment are more advantageous for the house than they are in its current location ; normally affecting cost decreases. )

Globalization of production allows companies to interrupt down the fabrication procedure into its separate phases, each in the most advantageous location. MNEs see developing states as attractive locations for operations which depend on abundant low-priced labor.

1.4 Global transmutations:

Globalization ‘s trademarks are increasing and intensifying among organisations and persons across the universe. However, there are differing positions on the extent of the alterations taking topographic point. The hyper-globalization position of convergence toward a planetary system has been slightly blunted by the grounds of atomization in markets and societies, every bit good as state centric policies of authoritiess. The less extremist position sees planetary transmutations taking topographic point in concerns, authoritiess and societies through increasing interactions and germinating alterations.

At the beginning of the 90 ‘s, there was an tremendous support for globalisation. They believe that everybody, both of the developed and the less developed states will profit. Since so, globalisation has united the universe but against it. In fact, one of the most of import has been the planetary motion against globalisation.

It ‘s a planetary motion affecting 100s of 1000 people all around the universe.

The job with globalisation is that it is asymmetrical. The rich are acquiring richer and the hapless merely remain hapless. Even if the hapless were to acquire a small richer it would non intend that the hapless are acquiring a just portion or the benefits of economic interrelatednesss.


2.1 Alter-globalization: “ Another universe is possible ” .

is the name of a societal motion that supports planetary cooperation and interaction, but which opposes the negative effects of economic globalisation, experiencing that it frequently works to the hurt of, or does non adequately advance, human values such as environmental and climate protection, economic justness, labour protection, protection of autochthonal civilizations and human rights. Many alter-globalists, unlike anti-globalists, seek to avoid the “ disestablishment of local economic systems and black human-centered effects ” ( Hinkelammert, Franz Josef ; Ulrich Duchrow ( 2004 ) . Property for Peoples, Not for Net income: Options to the Global Tyranny of Capital. Progressio. pp.A seven ) .

they see their motion as an option to what they term neo-liberal globalisation in which international establishments ( WTO, World Bank, IMF etc. ) and major corporations devote themselves to enriching the developed universe while giving small or no attending to the damaging effects of their actions on the people and environments of less developed states, states whose authoritiess are frequently excessively weak or excessively corrupt to defy or modulate them.

Alter-globalization serves to unify assorted people around the universe for a good cause: to contend for better intervention of Third World states and their economic systems, workers rights, fair/equal human rights.

Furthermore, alter-globalization can be viewed as being purposeful and making solidarity. Alter-globalization allows one the chance to see the difference they are working towards by extinguishing the negative side effects already impacting our universe ( i.e. environmental pollution ) .

-Examples of Alter-Globalization motion:

‘Fair trade ‘ enterprises, corporate codifications of behavior, and societal clauses every bit good as a return to local markets alternatively of trusting excessively to a great extent on planetary markets. They appreciate excessively, the good-time facet of local enterprises and their promise of little but existent options to corporate globalisation and mass ingestion

Although transnational corporations and international trade establishments are the topic of unfavorable judgment, non all perceivers portion a negative position. Many commentaries are published which speak in favor of good and positive achievements, particularly in relation to the international establishments. For case, free trade positively contributes to overall development of the universe. Global free trade promotes planetary economic growing, it creates occupations, makes companies more competitory, and lowers monetary values for consumers. It besides provides hapless states, through extracts of foreign capital and engineering, with the opportunity to develop economically and by distributing prosperity creates the conditions in which democracy and regard for human rights may boom. Unfortunately, anti-globalists do non see the good sides of globalisation and they argue that economic growing does non necessary make people happier, and frequently makes them suffering ; that establishments like World Bank have made the rich richer while doing the “ non-rich ” poorer ; that conventional thought of free trade are fantastic for directors and shareholders, but hell on workers and nature ; and that a bend away the accretion of things and toward more human chases would be extremely welcome ( Korden, 2001 ) .

They besides claim that states single civilizations are going overpowered by Americanization.

1. The WTO merely serves the involvements of Multinational Corporation.

2. The WTO tramples over labour and human rights

3. The WTO is the enemy for environment

4. The WTO is killing people

5. The WTO is increasing inequality

6. The WTO undermines national sovereignty

Furthermore, this nutrient is over priced and it destroys traditions like place cookery, individualized household eating houses, and a balanced and healthy diet. McDonald ‘s is a transnational corporation that does non custom-make its merchandises and because of its tremendous growing all around the universe, McDonald ‘s is the paradigm of mass homogeneousness, sameness, and standardisation which erases individualism, specificity and difference.

Anti-globalists express their thoughts through protests that were normally peaceable in the past but nowadays their activities are acquiring more violent. The ground for force is that the peaceful, soft manner of communicating did non hold any consequence, so they were forced to be harder. The illustration of so aggressive protest happened in September 2000 in Prague. The protest was organized by the Initiative against Economic Globalization in Prague ( INPEG ) and the mark was the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund – the two international loaning establishments which were keeping their 55th one-year meetings in Prague. About 10,000 dissenters from practically every major metropolis in Europe and North America came to Prague. Interesting is that this protest was non violent from the side of dissenters but Czech constabularies was barbarous in seeking to get rid of the protest. The dissenters wanted to go on the protest in the spirit of Seattle and the ambiance was positive and peaceable. Thousand of people all over the universe shared their positions on anti-globalization. However, on the 2nd twenty-four hours of protest, about 11,000-member force rounded up militants for no evident ground and about 900 dissenters were put in gaol and were denied nutrient, H2O and phone calls ( Klein, 2000 ) .

Militants argue they are non against the benefits of globalisation ( like speedy travel, mass communications and speedy airing of information through Internet ) . Rather militants say they seek to acquire out a complex message that transnational corporations and the establishments that support them ( WTO, the World Bank, IMF ) are doing huge economic instabilities between rich and hapless and atrocious Third World debt ( Straus, 2000 ) .

Anti-global militants besides claim that transnational establishments destroy the environment.

Globalization has many features that can profit some states while sabotaging others. To some, globalisation is conveying picks and chances, while to others it is a riotous force that threatens lives, occupations, and traditions. In a planetary economic system markets are without boundaries. Free market capitalist economy is the driving thought behind globalisation. As a consequence, states that are willing to take part in the planetary market place are encouraged to open their economic system to free trade, denationalization, and competition.

globalized trade, outsourcing, supply-chaining, and political forces have changed the universe for good, for both better and worse. ( Thomas L. Friedman ) .

The universe will go on to be more globalized. Improved trade understandings, rapid growing of developing states and economical and technological progresss promote globalisation.


The doctrine of anti-global militants is non to destruct globalisation that is conveying new engineerings but to forestall inequalities which are caused by large concerns runing all over the universe.

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