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The world may not all understand who Sean Berdy is quiet yet, but quickly he will make a big impact for the deaf neighborhood as a big star, performer, and comedian. Sean Lance Berdy was born on June 3, 1993 in the sweet town of Boca Raton, Florida. Among his most typical labels was “Birdy”. Sean as well as his moms and dads Scott and Terrie Berdy and his bro Tyler were all born deaf at birth and this has absolutely nothing to do with genes.

Although the circumstance this has not stopped Sean from following his enthusiasm to carry out and amuse. His first minute of desiring to entertain was when he was a young boy placing on shows for his parents on the bed while he had his more youthful bro Tyler shining the light on him. He would likewise perform with his bro and other member of the family and friends as well. Sean likewise actually delighted in impersonating people and many have actually spoken that he brings much delight and humor in their lives.

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He likewise became interested with magic in which he contended to show his abilities and won the leading benefit for young magicians at the World Deaf Magicians Celebration held in St. Petersburg, Russia. A few of Sean’s preferred pastimes would be dancing, photography, cooking, modeling, paintballing and playing golf. Sam participated in the Indiana School for the Deaf for his main and secondary schooling where at that school they are committed in providing significant knowing opportunities not just for the deaf but bilingual students as well.

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They cultivate academic and social excellence where languages and diversity are valued most. At Indiana School for the Deaf, He was nominated his sophomore year as” Mr. Deaf Teen America”. This pageant they host every year to bring teens together for perky competitors and friendship. It’s a yearly pageant for the deaf and heard of hearing teenagers to participate in. The primary goal is to promote young deaf emerging leaders to lead a stronger deaf community. The pageant also provides the trainees the chance to establish leadership qualities, discover team effort and social skills, enhance their self-confidence, and appreciate diversity.

When chosen as a winner like Sean Berdy was, he was able to do public appearances around the state of Indiana and also received 2,000 scholarships to either Gallaudet University or the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. I thought this was such an amazing opportunity to build up the deaf community and so far the things I’ve said about Sean Berdy and the things I’m about to say will show you the huge impact Sean is doing for the deaf community. Berdy later on graduated from this institution in 2011. Sam later on got his first break in acting in 2005 by playing in “Sandlot 2” a sequel of the comedy “Sandlot” at the age of 12. He played the role of Sammy in this movie. After starring in this film, his career started to grow and he was now starring in many other films such as “The Bondage” in 2006 which he played a young boy named Trey, “ The Deaf Family” in 2008 which he played Wesley and the “Legend of the Mountain Men” in 2008 which he played Nick. Not only has he been featured in films, he’s also been featured in TV commercials promoting public service such as the Z4 Mobile App in which he’s only signing in ASL.

During that time of filming, he also found the time to tour the country and perform with musical groups his talent. He is known in the ASL population for his rendition of “ The Way you Make me Feel” by Michael Jackson because he performed the entire song in Sign Language. Not only has he performed Michael Jackson; he’s also done the rendition of the famous Latino singer Enrique Iglesias “ Hero”. Throughout all this filming, Sean has really embraced by now his deafness and he has given hope to those that are deaf to pursue their dreams just as Sean has done by becoming an actor, comedian and entertainer. Berdy was also nominated for Choice TV Breakout Star in 2011 in his current new hit show called “ Switched at Birth”. He plays the role of Emmett Bledsoe, the most lovable character known as Deaf James Dean. In this specific role he uses a really strong earpiece to assist him in his hearing. Emmett is Daphne’s sweet but protective best friend on the show.

His mother Melody in the show is a also best friend with Daphen’s mother Regina. Emmett is deaf and attends the Carlton School for the Deaf along with Daphene. He has a passion for photography and can be often found taking pictures, riding his motorcycle and loving on Bay; his hearing girlfriend on the show. Most recently, Berdy worked with Twentieth Century-Fox’s “ Ice Age: Continental Drift” where he provided an on-camera American Sign Language performance that played in a picture-in-picture window while the movie was playing. He also is currently working on developing his one-man show, which he plans to call “ The Sean Berdy Show” that will bring out his comedy standup, life stories, and performance to life.

He plans to to deliver his performance all in American Sign Language so that everyone could enjoy watching his show. Sean Berdy shows much pride in his deafness and he doesn’t allow anyone to discourage him of it. He truly has embraced it and as I mentioned before humanity will soon see one of the most multifaceted deaf actors of this generation and fall in love with his characters on film and his real life stories on stage. As Sean Berdy quotes: “ It’s not about acting. It’s about giving an art of entertainment to humanity.”


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