THe Role of Women in the World

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The development of a country is very dependent on the roles and freedom that women receive. The gender role do vary geographically between More Developed countries (MDCs) and less developed countries(LDC’s). In less developed countries women take on lower roles, and lower stand in the social class. But geographically, in MDCs women have power and can have higher jobs. This gap is the piece that need to be studied to fully comprehend the changing of the role between the men and the women.

One way the role of women is changing through the world is the women are gaining empowerment.

Because of this, they are starting to hold high respectable jobs. This empowerment is a huge change because instead of women doing minuscule jobs as done before, the women are in office and leading countries. This is change because originally the men held these jobs. Because countries are developing and as countries developed thee status of women increases, the change can over all be described as countries becoming more developed.

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Over all in the world, the trend is found when countries allow the women rights, there country develops. Another way how the role of women is changing is women are now starting to become more educated.

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This is a big role change because women have always had very few people of their gender in school. This is primarily because of their role has been to work at home and take care of all the minuscule jobs around the house.

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As their country develops, the role has changed and now they can obtain an education and have more freedom. One example of a less developed countries stats of men to women in school is In Arab states, they have 73 males but only 51 females. This shows that as countries develop they will have more equality between men and women in schools. There role of women has changed dramatically.

The world trend for the development of a country is characterized by how women are treated and their roles in society. Gender related Development index is another tool used to explain that the roles are changing. This index compiles of economic indications of gender differences, social indications of gender difference, and demography indication of genetic differences, This index shows how the role has changed because this directly corresponds to woman empowerment. This empowerment allows women to get educated rather than do mine minuscular jobs, and to take office or to undertake the jobs that men once only had.

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THe Role of Women in the World
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