An Analysis of the Impact of Fire on the Main Character's Attitude in Hatchet

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An event in Hatchet that aided Brian’s survival was building fire for the first time. Brian’s actions and decisions in this event show that the hatchet is a valuable tool as a survival guide. Making fire was one of the most significant skills that Brian used for survival.

In the novel, Hatchet, Brian changes his attitude toward the hatchet. One example is, he threw the hatchet, at the rock wall because there was a porcupine by his feet. So he threw the hatchet and he saw sparks.

He knew that he could use the hatchet to make fire when he saw the sparks on the rock wall. On page 82, it states, “When he threw the hatchet at the porcupine in the cave and missed and hit the rock wall it had showered sparks, a golden shower of sparks in the dark, as golden with fire as the sun was now.” I know if he saw sparks on the wall when he threw the hatchet that means that he can use the hatchet to make fire.

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Another example to show that Brian changes his attitude toward the hatchet is, he built a fire. Brian built the fire to protect himself from mosquitos; he also used the fire to cook food that he hunted. In, “Survival By Numbers” it states, “To build a fire you must insure that the three elements of the fire triangle, oxygen, fuel and a source of heat are combined in appropriate amounts.” I know if he made a fire he can use it to survive.

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The final example to show how Brian changes his attitude toward the hatchet is when he used the fire to cook fish. He cooked fish because he needed something to eat desperately. On page 122 it states, “He cut a green willow fork and held it over the fire until the skin crackled and peeled away and the meat inside was flasky and moist and tender.” I know if he was cooking fish he must need fire.

This is how Brian changed his attitude toward the hatchet and how he used


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