Gary Paulsen’s novel "Hatchet"

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In Gary Paulsen’s unique hatchet the protagonist Brian Robenson establishes many new abilities after his aircraft crashes into the Canadian wilderness. It is his capability to make a fire, build a shelter and make new tools that allow him to survive.

During among the nights when he was stuck in the Canadian wilderness a porcupine went into his shelter and he felt it he through the hatchet as a reaction which struck the rock and made a spark he awakened the next early morning, remembering what had actually taken place throughout the night, stimulates, fire, I can make a fire with my hatchet and the rock, it took a reasonable couple of tries however he eventually got it on the fire lasted till the day he got saved, throughout all those days he was stuck out there “he needed to keep hoping” due to the fact that if he provided up he wouldn’t of gotten rescued and it might have messed up the book.

After the crash it took him about a day to realize had to build a shelter this would help him survive it could maybe protect him from the wild animals and definitely protect him from the bad weather, he finds a rock/cave type thing and ends up having to re-build his shelter a few times due to animals wrecking it.

Through the novel hatchet , Brian makes a couple of spears and catches all different animals, sometimes he ate the food raw or cooked it on the fire some of the time, it depended what it was, he ate the turtle eggs raw, but cooked the bird.

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When Brian is stuck in the Canadian wilderness he needs a fire and shelter and food to survive if he didn’t have them three things he would have only lasted a few days tops, he could of died of hyperthermia or starvation and he wouldn’t of been saved, and if he dies it would of ruined the book.

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