In Super Sad True Love Story Gary Shteyngart writes a satire novel

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In "Super Sad True Love Story," Gary Shteyngart writes a satire novel where Lenny Abramov tried to build a relationship with the much younger Eunice Park in an imaginary society that is exaggerated and unpleasant as possible. When Shteyngart's novel Super Sad True Love Story begins the reader emerges in an awkward world describing a dystopic society. This distortionary setting is closest to our current society that Shteyngart expected. In the novel we see this truth, from the "all-consummate-apparat", their obsession with eternal youth and appearance, and the need to publish personal information through Social Working.

The author in the novel replaces tablets, smartphones, iPhones, and iPads in what he calls "apparat" smart-phone-like device individuals carry around their necks. The individuals of this society use their apparati to access the internet and social media also represents the level of position of the individuals in the society. Through the novel, there is no way a person is seen without an apparat by choice.

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The community is constantly glued to their apparati. Eunice, for example, spends most of the day attached to the advice either shopping online or "teening" her friends and families. The fact that Eunice is mildly interested in Lenny to be totally dependent to her apparati makes it more distracting to the point she ignores Lenny what he has to say. The setting is in the near-future New York, the economy of the United States is in decline and China is threatening in invade. So the information is base on technology and has reached an immeasurable craziness.

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The reader will be shocked that books are not accepted in the society because they smell bad, "Anyway, what kind of freaked me was that I saw Len reading a book (No, it did not SMELL.He uses Pine-Sol on them)," (144) Eunice is in shock and tells her friend Grillbitch that Lenny spend reading "like HALF AND HOUR" before he put the book down. The social scene in the novel is not much different as in modern life. We see this is already happening in restaurants a mother, father and sometimes kids stare at their phones. Or people on dates when trying to build a relationship would rather have their eyes wide open to the screen that actually speaks to each other. And the scene when Lenny returns from Italy is very scary, the big amount he gets about Eunice credit information, photos, the address of her parents, and shopping trends, reminds the reader that the social scene in the book is not much different than in modern life. For example Tom Price reports in "Big Data and Privacy" that the big amount of data collected to provide information " is growing exponentially" Tom continues on explaining that the use of big data including Tweets, Facebook images, and email addresses is a topic to debate because it violates the privacy "especially by governments conducting surveillance operations." In both societies, people worship their apparati to stay connected to any detail around the world.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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