A Very Sad Experience

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I had an emergency call from a family, back in my country, telling me that I need to go home as soon as possible. Before that, I had already a plan for vacation to visit my family, especially my dad who was very ill that time. I already talked to my dad over the phone, and he told me that he still could wait until I come home. After I got that call at my work, I went to the administrative office and asked them if I could leave my workplace right away to buy and get my plane ticket.

On the next day, I went to the airport with unexplainable emotion.

It was my first time to travel by myself, I had no choice but to do it. While sitting down in the waiting area, there’s a guy that caught my attention, I saw the tears from his eyes when talking to the person who sat next to him there.

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He said, “It would not happen if I’m there.” I knew that he had the same situation like me. There’s a fear in me because I don’t know what would be my reaction if I could see my dad that way, but I have to accept the fact that he’s going to pass away.

I was so excited when the plane finally land, I could see my family and friends, but on the other side of me was sadness. My brother picked me up from the airport and took me to his house.

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I spent the night there and the next morning, we travelled for four hours just to get there, in my dad’s house. Finally, the car stopped in front of the house, and I wondered why there’s a light coming from the house, and why we have lots of visitors. My feet couldn’t step down from the car, but my brother said, “go ahead, he’s waiting for you.” As I walked from the car, I felt my tears coming down and I couldn’t control my emotion. I saw my dad with no life anymore! I was terribly angry and regretful, because if I took my vacation earlier, then maybe I could still spend more time with him.

He has been diagnosed with cancer, but only found out when he was already in the worst scenario. The only thing I can do now is to accept the fact that I don’t have a dad anymore. He was the great dad and my best friend. I just reminisce about those happy moments we shared together when he was still in this world, and I am thankful for him, for he is the reason why I became what I am today.

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A Very Sad Experience

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