The real athlete Cristiano Ronaldo

“Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable”, were the words marked by Cristiano Ronaldo. Born in a small island of Madeira, Portugal in February 5, 1985, Cristiano Ronaldo quickly adapted his love towards soccer in an early age. During his childhood, he struggled with school and was almost forced to give up soccer with a heart condition. Nevertheless, Ronaldo didn’t give up and went on to become an exceptional athlete which no one had predicted.

In 14 years of continuous hard work and dedication, this athlete has written his name all over the world, making him the only player to win 5 Ballon d’Or, 4 UEFA best player of the year, and be an all-time goal scorer for his club and country.

Furthermore, this phenomenal athlete has captivated millions of fans from all over the world with his passion for soccer. Ronaldo’s success and fame aren’t just limited towards soccer; he has been named the most “famous” athlete of this generation, to having the most followers on Instagram, along with being the richest athlete in the world.

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Although winning many trophies and awards for his clubs and country, Ronaldo has sometimes been criticized for his arrogant attitude. But what makes him the greatest of all time? Without any doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo has proved to be the best soccer player of this generation because of his physical strength, goal scoring abilities, and constant passion for soccer.

“Is that a bird, no it’s a plane, wait that’s Cristiano Ronaldo” surprisingly exclaimed Ray Hudson, one of the commentators watching the game in which Cristiano was playing.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical abilities and strength cannot be compared to any other athletes. Ronaldo stands tall with a height of 187 cm, an average height for any sportsperson but makes his height worth millions, unlike other athletes. Ronaldo has a higher vertical leap than most of an average NBA basketball player, which is shocking but true. This magnificent trait of Ronaldo has been used in many of the goals scored by headers for his teams. Ronaldo’s astonishing ability in the air has been claimed to be because of “his powerful thigh and upper body muscles” as a result of the time he spends at the gym.

According to the article “The height of perfection”, it has been pointed out that the energy Ronaldo generates while jumping is five times the gravitational force, which is five times more than the cheetah on its full flight. This astonishing ability is one of the reasons what makes Ronaldo is the greatest soccer player of all time. Similarly, the incredible speed produced by Ronaldo during his sprints and matches has made him one of the fastest soccer players. The top speed of 34 km/h was recorded when Ronaldo’s side played Denmark at the World cup. At the age of 33, Ronaldo still possesses this trait which is quite remarkable for a player of this age. All of these qualities that Ronaldo possesses has helped him attain the level that an average soccer player dreams to have.

Cristiano’s amazing goal-scoring record, fifty goals or more every season has allowed him to be in phenomenal shape. After every record-breaking season for his goals, Ronaldo still tries to improve. His goal ratio is 1.06 every year, which means he averages about one goal every game. Ronaldo not only scores one or two, but he has turned himself into a goal-scoring machine and has made a history of scoring 5 goals in three games for his club team.

One of the many ways he has scored during games is just by dribbling the ball against a player. Ronaldo’s huge accomplishment on goal scoring was heavily dependent upon if he could beat the player with his dribbling skills or not. At the beginning of his career, his dribbling skills were at its finest; One of the best dribbling moves Ronaldo discovered was known as “stepovers”. This skill needed a lot of focus and training according to Ronaldo and his teammates. Many of his opposing players would get frustrated because of this move and would physically harm him otherwise. As a result, Ronaldo suffered a lot of injuries during his early years but still managed to outrun every challenge he faced, making him one of the greatest goal scorers.

One of the greatest things Ronaldo acquired was his passion for soccer, which made him the true player of this generation. His everyday hard work and dedication has given a true identity of an athlete. One of the key things that Ronaldo has is a “strong mentality” and willingness to become the best. Ronaldo is constantly criticized by his fans, rivals and even media when he fails to deliver the performance, but Ronaldo appreciates all the criticism and continues to work hard to prove them wrong.

Cristiano Ronaldo has proved to be the best soccer player of this generation because of his strength, goals scoring abilities and constant passion. One of the best things that separate him from the other players is his ability to take criticisms and make that his strength. His hard work and passion are appreciated by all of his fans, teammates, coaches etc. His individual awards and trophies have claimed to be one of his successors in making him one of the greatest. All of these claims mentioned in these paragraphs can support and allow to decide whether Ronaldo is the greatest of this generation or not.

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