The Pros and Cons to Gastric Bypass Surgery

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Gastric Bypass is a complicated surgery, while a lap- band is a bit less invasive, both are meant to help a patient lose weight. Gastric bypass is not for someone who only needs to lose a few pounds, it is meant for a patient that is severely obese and has not been able to lose weight. This bariatric surgery “reduces the size of the stomach to a volume of 2 tablespoons and bypasses much of the small intestine. The stomach is stapled so that it is reduced to the size of a small pouch.

This diverts food so that it has a shorter travel time through the intestine and less food is absorbed into the bloodstream.” (reference one) With less food being absorbed into the bloodstream the patient losses weight.

However the patient must follow strict dietary rules for both procedures for weight loss to be maintained and for the well being of the patient Staples are used in gastric bypass surgery as opposed to a “soft low pressure balloon design” used in the lap band procedure.

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One of the more serious dangers of the Gastric Bypass surgery are that the staples could leak from the lines. Sometimes you can even have separation of the tissue that were stitched or stapled together. This can especially happen if a patient does not obey the strict diet ordered by the surgeon. Another hidden danger that can occur is internal bleeding after the surgery.

The stomach and parts of the small intestine can not be seen easily by x-ray so it may be missed.

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It should be stated that the mortality rates vary greatly between the lap band system and the Gastric Bypass Surgery, Lap band has a 1 in 2000 mortality rate while the Gastric Bypass has a 1 in 250. (Reference 3) 2


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The Pros and Cons to Gastric Bypass Surgery

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