The Negative Effects of Winning the Lottery

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In life, people have a tendency to ruin a good thing while it’s going. People become overwhelmed with the joy and fulfillment and begin to react irresponsible. For instance, a great thing such as winning can result into something horrible. Winning the lottery not only can bring happiness into someone’s life, but as well cause their life to be a complete nightmare. When a person goes from being considerably poor to having millions of dollars, it impacts their lives to a great extent by causing them to become unreasonable with their winnings, quit their jobs, or just lose touch with reality.

Truth is winning unthinkable amounts of money causes unimaginable stress on lives of people not accustomed to it resulting in a positive event turning into negative repercussions such as family issues, depression, or even the lost of someone’s life.

When money is a factor of any situation, it can become the root of all evil and lead to the destruction of many.

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People will go to great measures to become rich regardless of anyone affected along the way. This is why many people turn a good thing like having a lot of money turn into a horrible thing like being worst off than before their wealth. After winning the lottery for example, the ruinous trait of greed is commonly seen in the character of a lottery winner. They become selfish and excessive with the desire of having and buying more with their winnings than they have or necessary.

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Once the winner is publically established, strangers know who the winner is and begin to hassle them for their money. Not only is the greed of strangers a winner’s worry, even their own family and friends feel that they deserve some of their money. As a result, money causes the impulsive desire of the need to greed and the spending of more than people are worth resulting in their bankruptcy. In society, popularity is highly favored of many because of the recognition causes them to become foolish making absurd decisions. As related to winning the lottery; everyone wants to be in the presents of a winner to share the same fame and wealth. This effects the character of the winner because it causes them to feel more dominate and overpowering than others.

A lottery winner will begin to feel the need to flaunt their wealth because of their popularity. In result, a lottery winner will start buying flashy things for display and buying others overly expensive gifts to show how wealthy they are. Not considering the cost of their flashy and expensive objects, can cause a lottery winner to lose all their winnings in a matter of time. Therefore, the popularity given to a lottery winner isn’t beneficial because the fame and wealth results into dishonor and debt.

After faced with new responsibilities, a person is subject to become overwhelmed and at times insecure. When being a lottery winner, privacy becomes nonexistent because they are now considered to be a local celebrity. Being obligated to uphold the duties of a celebrity places a large burden on the life of a lottery winner. A lottery winner will begin to over analysis events taking place and question the intentions of people around them. They begin to constantly ask themselves, “Are people around for the best interest of them or their winnings.” Much insecurity faced by a lottery can result in the lost of their true character. The lottery winner begins to abandoned their previous hobbies, job, and interests left to be known as the person who won the lottery. Their need to feel empowered is now effected resulting in their drive to regain their empowerment by any means necessary. Thus, people having to change their lives because of a single event can cause great difficulty producing their unsatisfying outcome.

Having to maintain great things can lead to a person disassociating themselves with their prior life in hope to maintain the good: however, too much separation can result in unstable decision making. A lottery winner will get very distant from their previous life out of the want of a new start causing them to move away without much planning resulting in many problems. Since a lottery winner has all the money they could imagine, they will move anywhere of their choice. Majority of lottery winners will move out of state away from their old family, friends, and past life causing them to become isolated.

This places a great strain on the previous relationships held with friends and family. Without much reasoning, a lottery winner will buy an over-priced, large house of their dreams believing it will result in a good thing. However, lottery winners highly ever consider the taxes, bills, and responsibilities associated with purchasing their dream house. With the little influence of their family or friends because of the distance between them, lottery winners have no one to consult in making life changing decisions. With lack of budgeting, financial plans, and overly amounts of spending can lead to bankruptcy.

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The Negative Effects of Winning the Lottery

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