The love story of Adam and Eve

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Milton’s Paradise Lost has been admired for being one of the greatest English Epics of all time. This Epic is about the creation of Adam and Eve and how they lost their position in the Garden of Eden, which is also known as Paradise. Paradise Lost is an expanded version of the first page of Genesis however, Milton turn the story into a long, all-inclusive, narrative poem. This story also includes stories about how Satan came to be, and how he was originally called Lucifer.

Satan was an angel in heaven who led his companions in a war against God and eventually was sent to hell with his companions. The revenge on God led to the downfall of Eve eating the Forbidden fruit.

An epic hero is a figure of great stature: extremely strong, talented leaders and warriors, physically large, and extraordinarily brave. Milton’s view on Satan to classical epic heroes, were his heroic attributes such as Satan being huge, powerful, and how he demonstrates bravery.

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As the book continues Satan steadily decline in his hero ways and became undeniable unheroic. The uncertain representation of Satan makes readers think about his motivation to view the nature of evil not just in Satan but in ourselves. In some parts, I believe the representation of Satan is the weakness that is within all of us.

Nevertheless, Adam is the father of mankind, and he represents another side of humanity such as the ability to be faithful and to love. Milton’s uses Adams heroic features such as describing his broad shoulders and forehead, to try to set him up as an epic hero.

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However, the problem was before the fall of Adam, there was little opportunity for heroism that we could notice. We never notice any significant obstacles, any pain, and nothing to strive or fight against. The urge of Adam provides a chance for moral heroism, but Adam fails. Even though Adam comes close to heroism, he decided to share the fate of Eve because he couldn’t imagine separating from her, however, for Paradise Lost he still fails base on him placing his faith in Eve instead, of placing his faith in God.

Although Milton insists that Satan is “not less but more of heroic” there is a false example of Satan's physical insight, verbal expression, and his action. Milton's platforms of the poem show the fact that people view heroism in sense of violence that is embodied in the classical epics. Milton also favors psychological, spiritual heroism that works toward the truth in believing and choosing obedience to God. The viewpoint of Milton means obedience to God and rejecting the desire of the Devil. In the end, Adam distance himself from Satan and choose to reconcile with God and his judgment. Milton made Adam's character an example of this kind of heroism and didn’t seem to have any character to fit the style of a classical hero. In fact, the closest thing to fit the style of a classical hero is Satan.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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