The Importance of Leadership Training Courses and Leadership Skills

Leadership is the ability of an individual to lead or direct other people towards achieving a set goal. Leadership as a discipline is that is a bit complex because it deals with giving directions to a group of people. People, unlike machines, are not programmable. Dealing with them, requires strong interpersonal skills. While leadership is offered as a course in learning institutions, some individuals are naturally born leaders. It becomes even better for a naturally born leader who pursues a course in leadership.

This gives them the opportunity to apply their inborn skills effectively. This article is a summary of the skills I have learned about my leadership skills throughout the course in leadership that I have pursued.

The course has indeed been interesting because the things I was taught are all relevant and applicable in all spheres of daily living. Even at the institutional level, the skills helped me a great deal in dealing with my fellow students. This was particularly exhibited in our group works where I was continuously selected to be a group leader.

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I also served as a student leader and I can attest that these skills are very relevant. In the below section, an analysis of the seven-week addendum questions is done. In this section, I will review my personal goals that are associated with enhancing my leadership skills. This is both in the short and medium term scope. The short term ones run for one year while the midterm runs for the next 3 and five years.

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In the short term, I wish to exercise the skills I learned in school which will be the immediate environment. Lucky for me, I am taking an internship program from next month. This will be a perfect environment to enable me to work on these skills. The number one skill that I would like to polish on is that of my communication skills. I would like to apply all the disciplines of communication including etiquette and how to address people depending on their positions. In the organization, I will be making practical use of these skills to ensure that I am perfect in my communication. I also want to work on the skill of relationship building. During the internship period, I will ensure that I work well with my team members to ensure that we achieve the very best for the organization. As far as business is concerned, the ability to network and establish good relations with colleagues at the workplace is very crucial. I understand this has to begin with myself being a key team player in building good relations. If I develop on this skill well, then I am sure that I will be able to control people at the workplace.

My goals for the next three years include being innovative as much as possible. I am anticipating that in the next three years I will have established myself in an organization, having secured a job. In the work environment, I wish to ensure that I introduce a new way of doing things. This is in a bid to ensure that dealing with people is made easier. In the workplace, innovation will be my key focus and I will work closely with the management. In five years, as far as my leadership skills are concerned, I will be working on the area of strategic planning. During that period, I will have established myself prominently in the organization. If that will have come true in five years, I will help my organization in setting up valid goals based on the aims of the organization. Five years will be ample time for me to exercise my skills at the institution. It will be enough to create a motivational environment especially with the notion and drive that good leader’s influence and motivate others to do things they desire.

In this week, the journal deals with how effectively I would deal with a situation based on the skills I have learned in the coursework. This is in the area of confidence. Initially, I had a lot of issues with my personality such that I would always doubt my actions even before I did them. I had to consult in virtually all things, including the minor ones that I would have easily made concrete decisions on. Thanks to the coursework! Now, I have learned that as a leader, in order to assert authority on the followers, I must lead by example. The coursework has worked better for me and has boosted my level of confidence. Faced with a difficult situation now, I would quickly think of its solution without letting my subjects realize that I am struggling with it.

My MBTI letters are indeed consistent with my personality. They portray the real me in the real world. They have correctly depicted my perception of the world and how best I react to issues. For me, intuition works best and I have the feeling to classify something as either good or bad without having to prove them. I have in several circumstances applied that skill and it ended up well since I discovered that I was right. I believe that the MBTI acronyms suit me best in whatever workplace I will find myself in.

My leadership journal also had interesting facts about my leadership skills. In general, the questionnaire commented positively about my leadership skills. The findings gave me a general rating of 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. The outstanding comment that came out was that my leadership was based on a situational approach and that I was unpredictable in my decisions. That gave me the opportunity to exercise proper decision-making decisions. I was however surprised to note that the report indicates that I was a poor listener. I had initially thought I was a good listener, not until the report was out. That is an area that I need to work upon for sure.

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