The Greatest Accomplishment of Having a Unique Identity

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The greatest accomplishment for many people is having a unique identity. They like to distinguish themselves from other humans. The best way to do this is by showing people how unique they are by themselves, not by what items they own. People learn how wonderful a being can be through how they act, think and what they say. The things a person says become very important when it comes to someone making a judgment about that person. If this person doesn‘t catch people’s attention when they speak, then people will not want to listen to what they have to say.

Martin Luther King is remembered for being a wonderful leader through the Civil Rights Movement because of the amazing speeches he gave that inspired many. If he didn’t give these wonderful speeches and take a stand, people would never have known how extraordinary Dr. King really was.

Words are a window into the mind and it’s the people’s choice to share it or not.

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The things people does also distinguish who they are. The most remembered people are those who did something amazing that everyone was shocked, impressed or moved by. Take Rosa Parks, for example; she probably would not have been so recognized during the Civil Rights movement, but because she stood against the bus rules and said no, everyone remembers her to this day. How individuals act is very important when they are trying to distinguish themselves from other people. Usually those who are kind are noticed more than those who are rude or too shy to speak to a person.

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Those who start a conversation are seen as more friendly as those who don’t. A person’s intelligence also plays a part in how they can distinguish themselves.

People generally like to associate themselves with smart people who know that they are doing and have a plan. Stephen Hawking, although he suffers from ALS, is recognized worldwide as a genius. Even though he has a disorder, he still shared his ideas and thoughts with the world and people recognized him for it. When a person shows everyone who they are on their own, instead of letting objects and superficial items do it for them, they seem more genuine to people. The interaction makes a person want to know more. When they see a person wearing nice clothing, they don’t really see what’s so amazing about that person. All they see is a nicely dressed human being. What really matters is what goes on. on the inside. But to show people their character as demonstrated by their acts, thoughts and feelings, gives someone a more complete picture of who someone is than any list of possessions.

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