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Accomplishment Report Format

Paper type: Report
Pages: 4 (795 words)
Categories: Accomplishment, College, Education, High school, Higher Education, School, University
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The school year 2005-2006 is still blissful for Sagada National High School. It is still an uphill battle and struggle to have a school building, a Filipino teacher, and basic facilities like library, chairs, and laboratory. As of now SNHS still squats on a dilapidated bayanihan building and a makeshift building in the compound of the Sagada Central Elementary School. In spite of these limitations, the school continues to reap honors for its name and to make a difference.

For this school year it asserted its strong presence in mathematical competitions. Twice in a row, it represented the Division in the Regional MTAP Oral in the fourth year level. It participated in the National Press Conference held in Kalibo, Aklan. It also shines in sports as well as in beauty contests. Aside from MPGCHS, Sagada National High School is one of only two SMART schools in the Division of Mt. Province.

Its application has already been approved.

A tie up with SMART means the implementation of the ICT curriculum one of the signature programs of the school. SMART has already started providing for technical training for the faculty members. The inauguration of the school as a SMART school was moved from March to June. Through a raffle fund raising project, the school was able to acquire six computer units. All in all it has 13 computers, including five, courtesy of Hon. Congressman Dominguez.

This last April the computer laboratory was set up. This is for the graduates to have summer computer training before they enroll for college this coming school year. This humbling experience was made possible due to the dedication and commitment of the faculty members and the strong support of the PTCA and other stake holders of the school.

Basic Performance Indicators:

1. Promotion Rate- 259/281 = 92.17%
2. Completion Rate- 67/89 = 75.28%
3. Graduation Rate- 67/69 = 97.10%
4. Retention Rate- 136/150 = 90.67%
5. Dropout Rate- 7/281 = 2.49%
6. Cohort Survival Rate- 69/89 = 77.53%
7. Repetition Rate- 3/295 = 1.02%
8. Gross Teacher Ratio= 281/9 = 1:31
9. Participation Rate- Data not available
10. Gross Enrollment Ratio- Data not complete
11. Transition Rate-Data not complete


We expected that the enrollment of SNHS dropped considerably because of the attractive facilities offered by St. Mary’s School. There was a massive recruitment by the alumni of Saint Mary’s. However, tentative enrollment posted by the school shows that SNHS posted a total of 71 first year students while SMS has only 32 first year students. The table below shows the actual enrollment:

Highlights of Accomplishment

1. Acquisition of six computers through a raffle fund raising- Through the initiative of the PTCA, the faculty members and the student body the they were able to raise a considerable amount used to purchase six computer units.

2. Setting up of the Computer Laboratory- SNHS can’t afford to lose its students just because it does not have a computer laboratory which is readily available at the Saint Mary’s School. Aside from the six computers which came from the fund raising, we were able to solicit other units and together with the computers given by Congressman Dominguez, we have 13 units. With this we set up the computer laboratory with the help of our Peace Corp volunteer Mr. Daniel Ziegler. Right now our graduates are having hands-on summer training in computer usage.

3. Tying-up with SMART- SNHS is a SMART school. SMART company approved our application; hence it will assist us by giving two computers, computer accessories like printers, web cameras, and scanner.Besides, they will assist us in the installation of the internet connection for the students and right now two of our teachers were on technical training for this in Subic. Ultimately they will be with us in the planned implementation of the ICT curriculum.

4. Setting-up of our Website- It has been a year since SNHS came online. This is courtesy of Mr. Kent Sinkey, a retired computer analyst from the University of Cincinnati who assisted us in the setting up of our website. A member of the PTCA based in London is shouldering the cost of the website for the school. Mr. Sinkey also trained two of our students in website development.

5. Free Summer Training in Computer Usage- As requested by the PTCA, the graduates are having summer training on computer usage in the computer laboratory of the school. Daniel Ziegler our Peace Corp volunteer is assisting us in computer instruction.

6. At the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year the faculty donated money so the school could have an internet connection in order to do faculty research, have e-mail and maintain this electronic yearbook. Josephine Buyagan was kind enough to donate the money necessary for our domain name and website hosting.

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