The Importance of Having Drainage System

If there is not any proper drainage system in the surroundings, then the surrounding will become a drainage.” Ladies and gentleman, I am Christine Kaye Katayama and I am here to convince you that every place should have a proper drainage system. Today, I have three things that I want to give stressed to and it answers the question, why does every place should have a proper drainage system? First, because it helps the farmers. Second, it can help to prevent flood.

And third, it can also prevent waterborne diseases from spreading. Remember, drainages will drain our worries about our environment.

Before I start discussing the importance of having drainage system, let me define first, what is drainage? According to Maximum Yield (2019), drainage is actually a process wherein the water from the upper soil layers goes downward to the lower layers. It can also be defined as how the surface water is removed. So when it comes to farming, drainage ensures that the excess water will not choke the crops of the farmers because drainages make sure that the standing water will be drain (Preston Trail Farms, 2016).

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So imagine if farmers do not have drainage system. Little rain can choke their crops so every time it rains, their crops will be dead. Imagine the impact that will be in their living. Now that we are talking about rain, one importance of drainage is it can help to prevent flood.

As reported by South Florida Water Management District (2019), their area is very prone to flooding especially when it rains really hard.

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But their drainage system helps them a lot to prevent this from happening. Considering our country’s location, more so we need a drainage system because our country is always visited by typhoons. And when this flood happened, waterborne diseases will spread like malaria and dengue. But drainage can help to prevent this by killing the breeding site of mosquitos. Martin Fritsch from Swiss Federal Institution of Technology (1997) stated that drainage is an essential and effective tool to eliminate mosquito’s breeding sites by draining the unnecessary open water surfaces. Remember, drainage will drain our worries about our environment.

Having proper drainage helps the farmers, it can prevent floods and it can also prevent waterborne diseases. Are these reasons not enough for us to open our eyes that having proper drainage system in every place is a must? Yes, we already have roadside drainages but they are not enough. We have to build more not just on the roadside but also in our homes to have a better environment. And once we already have these drainages, we have to take good care of them. Because remember, we can only achieve these benefits if we know how to maintain our drainages properly.

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