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The Garden of rama

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 6 (1303 words)
Categories: Garden, Human, Mind, Psychology
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In the two novels The Garden of Rama and “Rama Revealed” written by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the Acquisition of information affects humans both is seen when acquisition of information enlightens humans’ sense of belonging, when the acquisition of information leads to wonders and thoughts and also, when the acquisition of information affects humans’ way of thinking. To begin with, the acquisition of information enlightens humans’ sense of belonging. Firstly, it is seen when the central character Nicole expresses her fearlessness saying “I understand.

That is the most important statement anyone can ever make…the whole key to life is understanding… And now I understand that I am a mortal creature whose time of death has come. I will not be afraid because I understand. And understanding is happiness. ” pg 633 book 2. After she has attained the information and knowledge, she no longer feels afraid of anything more, not even when her death is near. It is all this that she understands makes her life very special and that has given her something valuable and increases her understanding of human existence and life.

Secondly, Nicole, the central character speaks her reflection of what the alien eagle has told her “surely the knowledge that there exists in the universe, or at least existed in some earlier epoch, an intelligence advanced enough to build an interstellar robotic spacecraft the size of a very large city, cannot be cast aside as insignificant information…

It creates a different perspective for the entire humans’ experience. Religion, philosophy, even the fundamentals of biology must be revised in the presence… ” pg 497 book 2. In knowing the knowledge human beings have never known before, the information has given them a new insight and a different perspective and experience the humans will view the universe.

In return, this has increased their awareness of humans’ existence and evolution by not just understanding the wonders and marvels at the ‘unbelievable things’ but rather sees it as a ‘belonging’ which their existence in the alien world could be shared by all the sentient creatures, humans included, in the universe. Thirdly, Nicole utters the thought she has on seeing the magnificent view of Rama, “To my precious daughter, Nicole, and all the young people of the world, I offer one simple insight. In my life I have found two things of priceless worth – learning and loving.

Nothing else – not fame, not power, not achievements for its own sake – can possibly have the same lasting value. ” pg 613 book 2. In her life of endless pursuing of information and knowledge she wants, her heart has been opened up and she has truly understood the meaning and purpose of her life. This has also made her to become a role model and an inspiring person for the younger generation demonstrating that the knowledge has enlightened her life and she has found what she deeply wanted. Next, acquisition of information leads to wonders and thoughts.

Firstly, on board the gigantic spacecraft of The Node, Nicole thinks to herself “I too have never stopped being amazed, not once during these thirteen months. But is this all there is? Were we brought all the way here from earth just to be tested? And titillated by the existence of creatures from other worlds? Or is there some other, deeper purpose? ” pg 151 book 1. In acquiring information about her purpose of being at the node, she has encounter all these questions that have amazed her. In finding the answers which she will not be able to find makes it a wonder and mystery that she could think about.

Secondly, after Nicole disappointedly finds out that her children no longer need her as a mother, she reflected on “Even her memory is better than mine… What a perfect solution to the whole problem of ageing and dying… capture a person in the prime of her life, with all her powers intact, and preserve her for ever as a legend, at least in the eyes of her loved ones. ” pg 593 book 2. In her minds of thoughts, she has wondered about the wonders and odds which could someday be a useful scientific tool of substituting a ‘human robot’ instead of an actual real person to someone who has loosed somebody.

Thirdly, Nicole’s husband, Richard makes a comment when he is in an alien factory “This place is absolutely amazing, stupendous. I can’t begin to assess what it all means… not only are we not alone in this universe… we are not even near the top of the pyramid, in terms of capability… ” pg 80 book 2. Barely able to contain himself, Richard marvels and ponders deeper into his troubling mind of the unlimited questions and thoughts he has. He finally knows how small the humans’ world is compared to the immensity of the universe.

Lastly, acquisition of information affects humans’ ways of thinking. Max, a friend of Nicole voices his doubt in the octospiders’ lair “I think deep down I always wanted to be an astronomer, to see if I could understand the mysteries of the universe. But every time I thought about billions of years and trillions of kilometers, I became depressed. I couldn’t stand the feeling of complete and total insignificance that came over me. It was as if a voice inside my head was saying, over and over, ‘Puckett, you aren’t shit. You are absolutely zero. ‘” pg 112 book 2.

In his desire of acquiring the information he has wanted it badly, it is all these information out there that has debilitates his desires for knowing something significance and the things he wants to know. The information itself has already makes a dramatic impact on him, depriving him from further acquiring the information which makes him more afraid and less bold.

Secondly, in a major conflict between Nicole and her husband regarding Nicole having sex with the other man which they think the man is more capable of producing males; the acquisition for knowledge has affected their way of thinking in that they have lost any degree of ‘joy’, responsibility and their ideal thoughts as being a parent associated with having a family.

Thirdly, upon reaching their home, Nicole’s daughter, Ellie speaks in disappointment “I have been going over everything in my mind and it does not make any sense. I feel as if I have been betrayed. I thought I knew the octospiders, I trusted them. In many ways I thought they were superior to us, but after what I saw tonight… ” pg 313 book 2.

After seeking information and she knows what happens, she finally realized that she has been used and relearned something depriving that will change her view altogether. As a result, that has triggered and affected her ways of thinking towards her friends and relationships altogether in the future. Thus it is clearly seen from the quotations and conflict above that acquisition of information indeed has affects humans in many ways.

In learning something that humans could revere and revise in their memory for ever, something astounding and marvelous that humans will inquire endless and numerous questions and mysteries, or simply leading to drastic and unexpected conflict that inflict and changes the views of the humans’ mind. No matter how the different ways of changes there might be in acquisition of knowledge, human beings will learn something valuable in life in return.

That is what the matter most being a human living in the vastness of the universe, seeking information that they are indeed not alone, but together with all the sentient creatures in the vastness of space, we occupy and live and in search of truth and sense of wonders and belongings, in the magnificent ‘cosmopolitans’ of stars and galaxies. Show preview only

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