The difference between love and commitment Essay

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The difference between love and commitment

Commitment and love are related but different aspects of personal relationship that might exist between two individuals. Commitment can be defined as basically the decisions that individuals involved in a personal relationship or not make to remain in a relationship. Commitment calls for the obedience of a given set of rules that defines the given relationship. This usually means that commitment is focused in ensuring that the parties involved in the relationship intend to share some foreseeable future.

It essentially assumes that the individuals intend to share the future regardless of tough or bad times. Love on the other hand is the strong emotional and romantic feeling that individuals might have for each other. Unlike commitment, love is such a natural thing that usually catches up with individuals without any kind of effort. One of the major differences between commitment and love is the fact that unlike commitment you cannot just love anyone. Given that love is a strong positive emotion that only regards a specific person, it would be impossible to say that is possible to love anyone.

Commitment however can exist between any two persons involved in some form of relationship. Commitment is communicated primarily through shared experiences and moments. For example individuals might opt to have some specified moments they associate and share certain experiences and activities such as outdoor activities. This essentially calls for dedications. Love however is communicated by the parties involved being emotionally available for each other. It involves the doing of certain favors for each other without complain regardless of the situation.

This might include positive surprises to the other party that can be in the form of gifts or even simple things like being there for them in times of difficulty. Commitment affects relationships by ensuring that the parties are close or in sync with each other in all that they do. Expression of love gives each party in the relationship some form of security in as far as emotions are concerned. Reference Deanna McClary (1989) Commitment to love T. Nelson Publishers

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