The Day I First Rode a Go-Kart Essay

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The Day I First Rode a Go-Kart

It was a good few weeks into the summer holidays of three years ago, and I was eleven years of age. I was with my family on a vacation in North Wales, situated right near the sunny beaches of a town called “Pwllheli”. That summer we had rented out a wooden lodge from a dear friend of my mothers and we couldn’t have been staying in a more beautiful place. Around the lodge were towering trees with the hot, glorious sunshine creeping through the brittle branches and elegant little flowers swaying in the cool breeze from the glistening sea in the background.

During one of the first days of our stay we all decided to go out and explore the sights and activities of the small Welsh town. My father picked up the paper and found an advert displaying information on Go-Kart Racing. My brother and I were so excited about the discovery that my father had just made, so much so that we pleaded with him to take us. I for one had never ridden a Go-Kart before, and I was so exhilarated about actually giving it a try for the first time in my entire life.

My father, along with my brother and I arrived at the Go-Karting Centre at around lunchtime. I was feeling both enthusiastic and alarmed at this new experience that I was about to take part in. We entered a shack-like building on the edge of the karting track and booked ourselves in for a half-hour session of just generally racing the karts around the track. As we exited the shack, I saw the go-karts blistering around the race course. I was paralysed with shock at the power and speed of these energetic machines. After watching the more experienced riders taking the karts to their full potential, a cloud of panic and apprehension came over me. I asked myself if I really wanted to continue pursuing my adventure. I came to my senses soon after and continued to the locker rooms in which we would change into our karting gear.

I was set to go. I had my boiler suit and helmet on and at that moment I felt invincible! There was nothing now that could stop me from fulfilling adventure. As I settled into the seat of the kart, I felt an enormous amount of power and supremacy. The feeling was like no other. I was in charge of this powerful beast of a machine. I turned the key in the ignition, and felt a tremendous shudder as the kart was getting ready to blast off from the start line. I could not hold it in any more, the adrenalin running through my veins was at a fever-pitch. I just had to put the pedal to the metal, and after a minute filled with fear and anxiety, I was able to. It was all Go…Go…Go!

The rush was like no other! In all honesty the only word that could describe my experience was “awesome”. When I had finished the race, different emotions ran throughout my body. Part of me was glad that the experience had come to a close, though the other part was edging me to get back in that driver’s seat and do it all over again.

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