Essay About My First Day at a New School

Firstly, It was my father who took me to the new school. I had seen the boys and girls in their school uniforms coming from that big school. I knew that I would go there one day. I was all along dreaming of it and I was told that I would see many beautiful things, which I had not seen in my life. So, I was getting excited when my father told me that he would take me to this school the next morning.

Quite early in the morning, my mother got me ready for school. My father insisted on my remembering the multiplication table, there would be an admission test. After breakfast, I put on my best clothes. Taking my satchel, I followed my father to the new school. On the first day of new school, I looked about anxiously for faces that I knew because we were neighborhoods in my town. We sat in the reception room with other boys and girls and their parents.

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They had come for the admission test. After a few minutes, a teacher came to us and said that the test would be conducted in the adjoining hall. He warned us against copying or cheating. The scene inside the hall was one of the restlessness. Some were in a state of nervous bewilderment. But with the ringing of the fateful bell everything subsided.

The test was a simple affair. Personally, I did very well as the results proved later. Of course, my name was in the list of selected candidate.

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My father took me to the principal. He was a very big man and powerful. He was sitting in front of a big table. His room was full of books and trophies. When I wished him, he viewed me through his glasses as if to measure me. He told me, I should work hard and be worthy of the school. I thanked him for the advice. On the way home, my father made arrangements for the school uniform which I got without much delay. I took pride in putting it on. I felt also proud of being the school of the first day. Naturally, my first day at the school was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Furthermore, I shall write a few words about the school. Ours is a two-storeyed building of red bricks and painted walls with arches. In front of the school, there is a beautiful lawn. In one wing, there is the laboratory and in the other, there is a library. Within the compound, there is a big playground. Our football ground is an envy of the neighboring schools because it has its own stadium and there are shady trees all along the boundary. Now tell me, should I not feel proud of the new school?

Finally, a few days later, we had all settled in. Any fears or funny that I had disappeared after the first day. I felt very adult and very important. I realized I was in the new school and would no more be treated like a child. I was so happy and had a lot of chances to improve my life. I wished that I would have a chance to come back and recall my childhood.

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