The Cove Reflection

The Cove is an Academy Award-winning documentary about the horrifying and merciless slaughter of dolphins in Japan. I watched the film in absolute horror… Sometimes with my hand covering my eyes, and saw something horrible, something bloodier and more brutal than any fictional horror movie could ever do to my mind.

I’d seen the previews of the bright red water in the cove where dolphins were killed. I just never realized that what I would learn in the documentary and all its extra clips would be far more horrifying than I could have imagined.

Many dolphins suffer terribly at death, while in life their glorious aquatic bodies are filled with mercury. Toxic mercury falls into our oceans from coal plants around the globe, leaving dolphins some of the most dangerous types of fish for us to eat. Why in heavens name would you hunt them then?! This was my question asked through horrific emotions as I watched the dolphins accept their fate.

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If humans are not dependent upon this meat for survival, then why is this being done? “Pest control”, because they dolphins eat too much fish. This angers me to no end.

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Just to know the reality of this movie sickens me. Watching it was hard, knowing that this isn’t a movie. This is reality. Innocent animals who know no better are getting absolutely slaughtered for no reason. While continuing to watch this movie waiting for the reasoning behind these animal’s deaths unfold, it occurred to me there was no reason for these animals to suffer.

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There should be no good enough reason for these dolphins to be suffering. They are a living, breathing creature just like you and I.

“The Cove” made me realize how much I do care about animals and how I do indeed they deserve rights. It is true they cannot comprehend that they have rights, but this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the rights. They are living creatures. It should be our duty to make sure that these living creatures have rights. Out of all the movies we have watched in Social Justice this one has moved me the most.

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The Cove Reflection

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